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[Redacted] Is a Religion of Peace

Posted on | June 20, 2016 | 27 Comments

The Obama administration and the liberal media have decided that when a radical Islamic terrorist kills Americans, the one thing the narrative cannot be about is radical Islamic terrorism. It’s OK to talk about the Orlando massacre in terms of homophobia, gun control or “toxic masculinity,” but don’t you dare mention Islam. Don’t mention that Omar Mateen was a registered Democrat, or that he’s the son of an immigrant from Afghanistan or that his father supports the Taliban.

This obvious pro-Muslim bias has become increasingly blatant:

Justice Department Replaces ‘Allah’ With
‘God’ in Censored Orlando Terrorist Transcript

Katie Pavlich, Townhall

FBI Omitted ISIS From Orlando 911 Transcript
Mary Chastain, Legal Insurrection

FBI releases 911 transcripts of Omar Mateen
— with references to ISIS omitted

Allahpundit, Hot Air

The media would have you believe that this sensitivity is necessary because, if radical Islamic terrorism were identified as the cause of a gruesome mass murder, Americans would be seized by irrational “Islamophobia” and commit hate crimes against random brown people. In fact, the reason that the administration and the media are so intent on downplaying the role of Islam is because they are afraid that if they told the truth, people might vote Republican in November.

Therefore, the media won’t tell the truth. Then again, it’s been a long time since the media in this country told the truth about anything.



  • Sort-Of-Mad Max
  • Mike G.

    They still kept “God” in the transcript instead of Allah.

  • DeadMessenger

    Here’s a couple of pictures of Mateen’s father from the Vigilant Citizen website. Wish I had a reasonable explanation.

  • DeadMessenger

    And here’s another picture from the same website that’s off-topic (maybe), but breathtakingly offensive if true.

  • DeadMessenger

    I’m not so sure the media is worried about Islamophobia per se. Because they believe that all cultures are equal, if one culture does something atrociously evil, it must mean that the victim culture somehow provoked it. Because Islam is naturally evil all the time, then America must provoke it all the time, so the media has to dig deep to find lame excuses for why its our fault.

    Note that this is the same group of people who would never think of blaming a rape victim, regardless of attire, behavior, alcohol consumption, or any other reason, including remorse for what was consensual in the moment.

    But how would I know? It’s impossible to know what goes on in the minds of the mentally ill.

  • M. Thompson

    Islam is a religion of peace just as Joe Stalin was a man of peace.

  • Robert What?

    Either they are really stupid, or they think that we are really stupid. Which is it?

  • RS

    Setting aside for the moment the question of whether the administration is stuffed to the gills with Islamic sympathizers and people who believe that the U.S. needs to be punished for the sin of being a successful country, I think for the “rank and file,” follow-the-leader leftist/progressive, there is a real fear in admitting the truth about Islamic terror to himself. That truth is that the jihadists wish to kill all of us regardless of our race, creeds, or whatnot simply because we exist. Stated differently, the truth is there is evil in this world and a Leftist cannot abide that idea, because it conflicts with his created personal reality that all humans are perfectible if placed in the right social climate. Thus, does the Leftist distract himself and displace his fear onto things like guns or Christianity or “homophobia’ even though a dispassionate analysis demonstrates than none of those things were a proximate cause of the Orlando attack.

  • concern00

    In absolutely no way is God the equivalent of Allah.

  • Daniel Freeman

    A little of column A, a little of column B.

  • java

    I beg to differ, if you look at islamic societies they did not kill non-muslims entirely. They need dhimmis around them to be able to perform the jobs they aren’t able to do (which are many). People who are not muslims will be subjected to harassment, mistreatment and heavy discrimination but if it wasn’t for them (and their paid tax to muslims, the jizya) the islamic society would collapse. This is why the original choice is to convert or pay the jizya. They know that they would not function in a society that is 100% muslim. Also since their cult is bent on hatred, they need an outlet for their anger and a way to feel superior to somebody else and non-muslims are just there to provide it.

  • RS

    This is not your old Ottoman Empire with its Christian Janissaries or Jewish financiers. ISIS has demonstrated in its current iteration that it cannot abide the existence of infidels. Indeed, the jizya was made so high that it could not be paid leading to the execution of the men and the sexual enslavement of Christian and Yazidi women.

  • Lorieehill4
  • Finrod Felagund

    Embrace the healing power of “and”.

  • Finrod Felagund

    Leftists hate the truth because it gets in their way so often.

  • java

    I do not have the Crystal ball but if you look at the current situation of some countries in Europe it is not a ISIS takeover you fear, it’s the much slower (but steady) sharia creeping in permeating every aspect of society. And sharia does allow dhimmitude. It is the essence of sharia as it is practiced in places like Pakistan, to have non-muslims to tax and harass. I hope in a Russian or chinese takeover just for the sake of saving nature, art and architecture (not necessarily weak populations) but if I had to be negative, I would say before 2200 Western Europe will be entirely islamised with a sharia compliant body of laws. If you look at the islamic cancers in regions such as Mindanao (Philippines) or pattaya (Thailand) you will see that when they reach 10-20% of the population they start implementing parts of sharia, but do not resort of warfare anymore, they know breeding and making life unpleasant for non-muslims will do the rest.

  • JeffS

    “They need dhimmis around them to be able to perform the jobs they aren’t willing to do (which are many).”

    There, fixed that for you.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Jedi mind trick, “those are not the terrorist you are looking for!”

  • theBuckWheat

    The more hubris and narcissism our Wise Overlords allow for them themselves, the more moronic they proves themselves to be.

    The proverb is true: pride goes before a fall. When the Psalmist tells us that people who obey God’s commands have wisdom while those who turn their backs on them become as fools, this episode in our history shows what precious wisdom this is.

  • thesickmanofeurope_com

    “…The Obama administration and the liberal media have decided that when a radical Islamic terrorist kills Americans…”

    Unlike (The Rape Capital of Europe) Sweden…you at least got to know about the (((MSM))) collusion!
    Don’t forget that Sweden is the petri dish of this Cultural Genocide experiment in Europe…..

  • Lemuel Vargas

    It was like what they did to pictures of guns during martial law in the Phil. a long, long, long time ago (1972-1981). They scrubbed the pictures of guns literally as if it would somehow be forgotten by us Filipinos on how a gun looks like.

  • Quartermaster

    Sharia does allow dhimmitude. How long Muslims will allow it is another question. Given the extreme undercurrent we are seeing these days, dhimmitude is not likely to remain a viable option in the near future.

  • Quartermaster

    Islam is a religion of peace pieces just as Joe Stalin was a man of peace pieces.

    There! FIFY!

  • Quartermaster

    As we know, SJWs always lie.

  • M. Thompson

    I’ve said it that way as well, but you know, a piece of Spain, a peace of Romania….

  • This Is Me Reaping

    It’s great that a gay Democrat muslim killing 50 people has inspired the Left to double down on their rhetoric against Christians and Republicans. Makes perfect sense.

  • Jacqueline Mathias