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Blame the Patriarchy!

Posted on | September 29, 2016 | 2 Comments

The core myth of feminism is that women — yes, all women — are victims of oppression under patriarchy, an unjust and tyrannical system in which all men participate and from which all men benefit. This claim of patriarchal oppression is used to justify the anti-male agenda of feminists who insist that every male is to blame for the injustice that all women suffer. Perhaps someone should explain this to William Marotta:

A Kansas sperm donor caught in the middle of a child support case says he wanted to help a lesbian couple when he made the donation nearly five years ago.
Instead, he may end up paying for his action.
A judge ruled that William Marotta must pay child support, even though he says he signed documents waiving his parental rights.
Shawnee County District Court Judge Mary Mattivi said [in January 2014] that Marotta failed to conform to Kansas law, which says a licensed physician must be involved in an artificial insemination process, court documents show.
The documents show that the lesbian couple whom Marotta helped conceive a child say they performed the artificial insemination procedure at home.
This story begins on Craigslist in March 2009. That was when Marotta noticed an advertisement from the Topeka couple, seeking donated sperm.
“Intrigued” by the ad, he says, he delivered three cupfuls of his sperm — gratis — to the women.
One of the women gave birth to a daughter in December 2009, according to court documents.
“I donated genetic material, and that was it for me,” he told CNN affiliate WIBW.
Or so he thought. That changed when the parents separated and one of the women stopped working because of illness and applied to the state for help, he said. The state contacted Marotta for child support.

If indeed our society were prejudiced in favor of males, as feminists insist, would such a ruling be possible? Here is Marotta agreeing to do these women a favor, and his “reward” is to be forced to fork over money for the support of this child, over which he exercises no parental rights, because (a) they deceived him about the legal status of their contractual agreement, (b) they couldn’t keep their relationship together, (c) one of them quit her job, and (d) the courts are in fact prejudiced against males.

A very similar case in England forced Andy Bathie to pay support for a child because he agreed to act as sperm donor for a lesbian couple who split up after the baby arrived. What you discover, once you clear away the propaganda, is that feminism’s claims of women’s perpetual victimhood function as a ready-made excuse to exempt women from responsibility for their own choices, shifting all the blame (and all the costs) for women’s problems onto men, collectively. In this way, men are compelled to subsidize failure, and blamed for situations over which they exercised no control: “Oh, look, a woman has blundered herself into a catastrophic failure — we must find a man to blame for this!”



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