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Which Is Worse: AIDS or ‘Stigma’?

Posted on | October 7, 2016 | Comments Off on Which Is Worse: AIDS or ‘Stigma’?


Remember the herpes-infected feminists who used the #ShoutYourStatus hashtag to encourage pride in having sexually transmitted diseases? That came to mind when I encountered a chart of AIDS-related terms — promoted by the University of California-San Francisco — comparing “stigmatizing” language (left) versus “empowering” language (right):


You see we must avoid “blame-centric language” when discussing how the AIDS virus is transmitted, because that would involve “stigma,” as if becoming infected with a deadly virus is a bad thing. Consulting the full list of terms, we find that these experts advise that you should avoid “prostitute” and say “sex worker” instead. Never use the word “promiscuous” to describe HIV-infected people, the experts say: “This is a value judgment and should be avoided. Use ‘having multiple partners’.”

By a similar token, you should avoid calling these people “crazy.” Instead, you could call them “reality averse” or maybe just “Democrat voters.”



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