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Of ‘Myths’ and Common Sense

Posted on | October 18, 2016 | 1 Comment

One of the basic propaganda tactics of the Left is to identify a cherished traditional belief as “myth,” and use this as a means of suggesting that opponents of leftist ideology are ignorant and prejudiced. We see this, for example, when the Left attacks any patriotic interpretation of American history as based in “myth.” It is a myth, left-wing intellectuals tell us, that the Pilgrims came to America seeking religious freedom, just like it is a myth that industrial capitalism is beneficial to society, and also a myth that radical Islam is a threat to world peace. All of this is about convincing us to trust intellectuals and distrust our own common sense.

The traditional values we learned from our parents and our churches are false consciousness, the Left wants us to believe, and anyone who argues in defense of those values is a hateful bigot in thrall to discredited myths. Feminists often use this tactic, but they certainly have no monopoly on it. Pedophiles also frequently use the same type of argument, and the editor of “Pedophiles About Pedophilia” (!!!) has a nasty habit of dismissing all of his critics as stupid, ignorant, prejudiced, etc. So when “Ender Wiggin” (as he calls himself) invoked the expert authority of “the scientists who actually study sexuality” against one of his critics, the need to defend common sense was apparent:

Because you are personally obsessed with this particular subject, you have accumulated a pile of references to “expert” sources that you can cite in support of your peculiar claims, so as to justify yourself in dismissing all critics as “narrow-minded idiots.” This is a crude tactic of propaganda, which can be (and is) used by advocates of every bogus belief system you could name — Islamic jihadists, Holocaust deniers, “climate change” doomsayers, etc. Bad causes supported by bad people generally produce bad arguments like yours, and your errors of logic and rhetoric are symptomatic of your problem. . . .
Not only are you sexually obsessed with children, but you are obsessed with convincing others that your perverse appetites are harmless, and you don’t want anyone connecting the dots between (a) your weird arguments, and (b) you, the actual human being who is making these weird arguments. You wish to avoid personal responsibility, and this itself is likewise symptomatic.
Pedophiles love to play the victim; they are prone to rationalizing their deviant preferences; and they viciously lash out at anyone who tries to hold them accountable for their wrongdoing. A psychologist coined the term “DARVO” (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender) to describe this pattern of behavior, which is quite typical among sex offenders. We do not need any “experts,” however, but only common sense, to realize that the sex offender operates on a basis of secrecy and deception. . . .

Read the whole thing at Trust your common sense, and beware of anyone who calls your common sense belief a “myth.”



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