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Teaching Intolerance: How Columbia University Feminists Suppress Dissent

Posted on | October 23, 2016 | 4 Comments

Feminism Is a Totalitarian Movement to Destroy Civilization as We Know It, and nowhere is this more evident than in the youth indoctrination centers known as university campuses. The more elite the university, the more complete control is exercised by the totalitarians. Annual tuition at Columbia University is $55,056, and for that price, parents of Columbia students are guaranteed that their children will never be exposed to any fact or opinion that feminism’s campus commissars dislike:

On Thursday, students hosting an upcoming talk by scholar Christina Hoff Sommers put up roughly 50 flyers promoting the event on four different campus buildings at Columbia University and Barnard College. Within 24 hours, most had been torn down.
The flyers advertised Sommers’ scheduled appearance at Columbia University on Nov. 1 titled “Victims, Victims Everywhere: Trigger Warnings, Liberty, and the Academy.” Flyers advertising Columbia and Barnard’s politically liberal and neutral events were left unharmed.
Sommers is known for her critique of contemporary feminism, arguing it can be faulted for its “irrational hostility to men, its recklessness with facts and statistics, and its inability to take seriously the possibility that the sexes are equal—but different.”
Barnard College student Toni Airaksinen, who is co-hosting Sommers’ talk as part of the Columbia American Enterprise Executive Council, told The College Fix that “some Columbia students are so committed to speech regulation that they don’t even believe alternative viewpoints should be brought to campus.”
“I have already seen students write Facebook statuses talking about how they want to rally or protests at the lecture,” she said. “Tearing down flyers is just an easier and quicker way to protest.”

More at Legal Insurrection and Reason magazine. Among the totalitarians leading the crusade against Dr. Sommers’ speech is Columbia senior Roya Hegdahl, who attacked the AEI scholar as a “rape culture denier.”

The irony of this hateful intolerance toward Dr. Sommers is that her planned speech is actually about the climate of hateful intolerance.

Liars always hate the truth, which is why feminists at Columbia University will not allow students there to hear a single word spoken in favor of men, marriage, motherhood, capitalism or Christianity.

Feminist intolerance is pervasive throughout 21st-century academia. Parents who send their children to a wretched hive of scum and villainy like Columbia are promoting this totalitarianism by paying for it.