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Rule 5 Sunday: Happy New Year!

Posted on | January 1, 2017 | 4 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho
Well, I hope everyone had a good time last night, no matter how you chose to spend it, and I hope 2017 hasn’t found you draped over the toilet expressing your regrets (among other things) over those good times. As for me, well, a driver drives. Today’s appetizer is Kate Beckinsale, perhaps best known as the star of the Underworld movies, which appear to be about a war between vampires and werewolves, but as Daddy Warpig says, “If you’re watching Underworld for the plot, YOU’RE WATCHING IT WRONG.”
As usual, most if not all of the following links are to pictures normally considered NSFW, and the management is not responsible for problems caused by your failure to click with discretion.

Proof that not all Rule 5 has to involve nudity.

We begin this week with Ninety Miles From Tyranny, who brings us Hot Pick of the Late Night, Morning Mistress Carly Baker, and Girls With Guns, followed by Goodstuff with Tara Reid’s Notorious Boobs and other delights. Animal Magnetism checks in with Rule 5 Buhbye 2016 Friday and the Saturday New Year’s Eve Gingermageddon.

EBL’s thundering herd this week included La La Land, Y The Last Man, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds (with a curtain call),  Kirstin Maldonado, the Peach BowlFiesta Bowl, Vintage Hollywood New Year’s, and Orange Bowl and Rose Bowl Queens.

A View From The Beach brings us Another Brazilian – Sophia ResingAriana Grande Objects to “Objectification”,Surfing into ThursdayTo The Stars, Alice!How About Some Paint for Wednesday?RIP: Princess LeiaMrs. Stephanopoulos!California Man Charged with DUI for CaffeineHappy Boxing Day!Merry ChristmasHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!, and I, For One, Welcome Our New Overlords.

Proof Positive’s Friday Night Babe is Zoe Duchesne, his Vintage Babe is  Patricia Richardson, Sex in Advertising is covered by Victoria’s Secret, and there’s also Your Schadenfreude NFL/Niners Report. At Dustbury, it’s Savannah Guthrie and Gong Li.

Thanks to everyone for their linkagery!

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