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Brett Kimberlin Re-Surfaces in Connection With ‘Fake News’ Anti-Trump Forgery

Posted on | March 15, 2017 | 2 Comments


John Hoge noticed that the pipsqueak pro se perjuring pipe-bomber Brett Kimberlin has made news again, and I’ve got $20 here that says Neal Rauhauser is also involved. Seems there were some Italian criminals peddling forged documents that claimed to show a billion-dollar conspiracy involving Exxon, Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson. Somehow, a former Israeli diplomat and a Democrat activist got wind of these documents and, believing them to be authentic, were willing to pay money for them. This is where the diminutive felon enters the story:

Ariel recalled that he contacted Kimberlin, who then arranged for him to travel to Washington. Ariel had been sounding alarm bells about Russia’s meddling in the presidential campaign so, he said, Kimberlin wanted him to meet people on Capitol Hill. Kimberlin covered the cost of the trip, according to Ariel.
Ariel had not yet seen the documents at that time, but what he did know about them seemed like exactly the sort of thing Kimberlin was interested in digging up. When told about them, Kimberlin quickly agreed to finance Ariel’s efforts to acquire them, according to Ariel and two people with knowledge of the arrangement.
Kimberlin ultimately covered the costs for Ariel to travel to Rome three times, Ariel said. On the first trip, just before Christmas, Pasetti showed him portions of the documents; on the second trip, a price was negotiated; and on the last one Ariel actually purchased the documents. The $9,000 payment was also covered by Kimberlin, according to Ariel and the two people familiar with the arrangement.
Reached Sunday evening at his home in Maryland, Kimberlin declined to discuss the documents or his relationship with Ariel.
“I don’t want to be part of this story. It has nothing to do with me. I have nothing to say,” Kimberlin said.
On January 22, a political activist who works closely with Kimberlin reached out to a BuzzFeed News reporter, offering up what seemed like a lead on an important scoop.
“This isn’t some internet rumor, person has been to Rome to examine bank documents, copies of passports, etc,” an encrypted email read. “Let me know if you want to take a closer look.”
A subsequent email said that the Department of Justice and the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations had been informed about the alleged wire transfers earlier in the month. . . .
Ariel and a person close to Kimberlin originally said that reporters from Bloomberg News had also been given the documents and allegedly thought they looked good; to date, the news organization has not published anything. Subsequently, they said that the Washington Post had been shown the documents as well, but decided by mid-February that they were forgeries.

My $20 says that “person close to Kimberlin” is the notorious sociopath Neal Rauhauser and, while I’m not sure that anything described here constitutes a crime, I’d also bet that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to have some of his guys take a look-see, just in case.