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The Patriarchy Is Paying to Smash Itself

Posted on | March 17, 2017 | 1 Comment

Darcy Vescio (left) and Brianna Davey (right) of the Carlton Blues.

Who pays for feminism? (Hint: Not them.) The agenda of “equality” requires redistribution of resources, transferring wealth from males to females, which is what liberal social welfare states have been doing as a matter of public policy for many decades now. Here in the United States, the federal government’s Title IX has deliberately imposed a disadvantage on male students in order to create “equality” for female students. Jonah Goldberg’s wife, Jessica Gavora, wrote an excellent book called Tilting the Playing Field: Schools, Sports, Sex and Title IX which explains how men’s athletic teams in non-revenue sports (track, wrestling, golf, etc.) were destroyed to impose “equality” as interpreted by federal law.

To summarize briefly what’s wrong with Title IX, everything. More recently, the federal law has been made an excuse to deny due-process right to students accused of sexual assault and, as Ms. Gavora herself has noted, even to suppress First Amendment rights on campus.

What must be understood is that feminism’s destructive machinery is driven by the power of extortion. The potential threat of a “discrimination” charge is never far from the minds of university administrators or corporate managers. All that is necessary to ruin an executive’s day is for a female employee to claim that she’s been treated unfairly. A young man who plans to make his career in the white-collar workforce must learn never to do or say anything that any of his female co-workers might find offensive. Woe be unto him if, by any chance, he accidentally gives ammunition to the disgruntled woman looking to file a lawsuit or an EEOC complaint. Ask around among managers and corporate attorneys about how little it takes to get sued nowadays, and how often employers find themselves compelled to pay the kind of settlement known as “go-away money.” Tort lawyers are Satan’s disciples.

Feminists learned this extortion racket from soi-disant “civil rights” racketeers like Jesse Jackson, who specialized in using accusations of racism to squeeze money out of major corporations. (Kenneth Timmerman’s book Shakedown was an in-depth exposé of Jackson’s corrupt hustle.) Corporations don’t want to get dragged into court or suffer damage to their reputations, so when a charge of “discrimination” arises, the accusers are inviting the accused to a negotiation: “We can arrange to make your problem go away, for the right price.” Which brings us, roundabout, to discuss a situation in Australia.

The other day, during my research on feminism, I happened upon an odd item: A young female Australian athlete posted to Instagram a boast about how she and her teammates were “gonna smash the patriarchy.” This boast was seized upon by a fan who turned it into a T-shirt slogan.


Curious as to what this was about, I started Googling and pretty quickly discovered a rather remarkable story about feminism Down Under:

Under pressure from feminists, the Australian Football League (AFL) last year agreed to subsidize a league for women, to be known as AFLW. There had previously been amateur women’s teams playing this unique Australian hybrid sport, but no professional teams. The reason was simply that there weren’t enough spectators or corporate sponsors to pay the bills. . . .
If there had been an enormous market demand for women’s football in Australia, economists might predict that some shrewd capitalist would have organized a women’s professional league and cashed in by selling tickets to fans and reaping revenue from advertisers, broadcasters and corporate sponsorship. Because that did not happen, we may conclude that market demand is insufficient to justify the AFLW, which is why the women’s league is being subsidized with money earned by the profit-making men’s league. . . .

Read the whole thing at The Patriarch Tree on Medium. Feminists are destroying our civilization, and making men pay them to do it.

UPDATE: You might want to read Mark Webster’s article at Return of Kings, “How Social Justice Warriors Ruined Australian Football”:

The AFL is a microcosm of Australia, which has become a seething pit of self-loathing and political correctness. A truly masculine activity like Australian Football was the final frontier for SJWs, who are thrilled that so many people in Australia now seem to hate themselves and play the victim card as much as they do. What the f–k happened? . . .

Social justice warriors ruin everything.




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