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A Cautionary Point About 2018

Posted on | May 15, 2017 | 2 Comments

by Smitty

The Z Blog has some of the most thought-provoking posts going these days. A post today about a French province trying to counter the Revolution is quite instructive:

The revolt in the Vendée region, on the west coast of France, began with the March 1793 conscription requiring Vendeans to fill their quota of 300,000 men for the army. The enraged populace took up arms and quickly formed a Catholic Army. What started as a demand for reopening the churches and getting their priests back, turned into a Royalist counter rebellion against the Republic. Initially, the Republicans were caught off-guard and the rebels enjoyed some success, even though their army was ill-equipped.

The Republic got its bearings and sent a 45,000 man army to suppress the rebellion and by the fall of that year the rebel army was defeated. The Committee for Public Safety decided that beating the army was not enough and opted for pacification. Whether or not the word “genocide” is appropriate is debatable.

Do read he whole thing.

The Democrats and the media urchins have been shamed. “Don’t think we’re not keeping score,” as Obama noted.
I’m not saying to view the Republicans uncritically. However, I daresay that the IRS harassment of the Tea Parties shall have seemed like hugs and cupcakes compared to the peevish, punitive, discriminatory crap that the Deep State would inflict on Trump voters in general, and red states in particular, given another chance.
So maybe we don’t want to let them have that chance.