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Crazy Is a Pre-Existing Condition

Posted on | July 20, 2017 | 2 Comments


‘Trans non-binary queer’ Aryn Maitland

In January 2014, when I first wrote about the controversy between radical feminists and transgender activists, it seemed to me a bad joke. “The Competitive Victimhood Derby,” I called it — two rival tribes of left-wing nutjobs vying for the coveted Most Oppressed Award. Subsequent research, however, convinced me that the radical feminist nutjobs were actually right on the basic issue — being male or female is a fact of science, not subject to politically motivated revision — and transgender activists were wrongly seeking to hijack “gender identity” (and feminism, along with it) in a way that amounts to Female Erasure, to quote the title of a recent radical feminist anthology on the subject. “Facts are stubborn things,” as John Adams said, and there is something fundamentally dishonest about the ideology of the transgender cult.

Young people are becoming seriously confused by the transgender cult. Or perhaps the causation works the other way, and confused young people are magnetically attracted to the cult belief that, with the “treatment” of synthetic hormones and surgery, they can escape their adolescent woes by “transitioning” into the opposite sex. Feminists have identified the factor of social contagion in what they call “rapid-onset gender dysphoria.” Through the influence of peers, and also through online recruitment by transgender cultists, many teenagers are quite suddenly convinced that they were “born in the wrong body.” In a matter of months or even a few weeks, an otherwise healthy teenage will develop an obsession with “gender transition” and demand that parents not only accept their new transgender identity, but often threaten suicide unless parents support them in seeking hormone “treatment” immediately. This kind of emotional blackmail is part of the transgender cult’s ideology, as activists claim that anyone who opposes them is effectively sentencing teenagers to death by denying them acceptance and “health care.”

This brings us to the case of Aryn Maitland who, in April 2016, posted the following fundraising appeal on

Aryn Maitland is a 24 year-old trans non-binary (they/them) queer person living in the Sacramento, CA area. They are passionate about queer politics, disability rights, and fighting oppression.
Aryn has spent the past several years working and advocating for various nonprofit organizations, including (to name a few): Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Southern Poverty Law Center, and most recently, Progressive Employment Concepts. They have spent nearly two years with PEC, supporting disabled community members in self-advocacy and access to competitive integrated employment options.
However, in January of 2016, Aryn was forced to leave work to care for their physical and mental health. For two months, Aryn struggled to gain timely access to competent healthcare, particularly mental health services. In that time, they were hospitalized for four days after a suicide attempt, and spent several weeks in a daily Intensive Outpatient Program.
Aryn has since returned to work, but is struggling to pay off their medical bills.

So, after “fighting oppression” for “several years” with “various nonprofit organizations,” Aryn Maitland needed “mental health services.” A few weeks later, she/“they” added this informative update:

For those who have been following my story, you probably know that starting testosterone has been a desire of mine for quite some time. During the time I was unable to work, I experienced setbacks in accessing competent transgender health services.
One week from today I will FINALLY be moving the process forward toward a more authentic life. I’m am excited and anxious for this next step.

It would appear, then, that her/“their” earlier mental-health crisis — in which Aryn was “forced to leave work” and hospitalized after a suicide attempt — was directly related to her/“their” gender transition.

Ask yourself a few questions: If this kind of “treatment” is truly a life-and-death issue for people like Aryn Maitland, shouldn’t coverage be mandated as part of health insurance? Wouldn’t it be transphobic to deny coverage for “transgender health services”? If states and communities pass laws prohibiting anti-LGBT discrimination, wouldn’t this logically require insurance companies to cover “transgender health services” in all policies? Furthermore, couldn’t the principle of “equality” as articulated by the Supreme Court majority in its 2015 Obergefell decision be applied to make coverage of “transgender health services” mandatory nationwide? Finally, is it not likely that the next time Democrats win the presidency and gain control of Congress, universal access to “transgender health services,” including coverage under Medicaid, will be enacted as a matter of law and policy?

What is the per-patient lifetime cost of transgender surgery, hormone treatment and psychological counseling? Whatever the total cost is, if health insurance coverage for transgender “treatment” were to be mandatory, this would likely result in skyrocketing insurance rates. If the principle of “non-discrimination” were to require taxpayers to subsidize transgender “treatment” for low-income patients, this might prove so expensive as to add to the fiscal woes of many cities and states already facing budget crises. To think of this as a matter of federal policy . . .

The mind boggles.

While we’re discussing mental health issues, let’s talk about paranoia. Some of you may be familiar with the so-called Cloward-Piven Strategy, an idea developed by radical intellectuals associated with the National Welfare Rights Organization, to overwhelm the welfare bureaucracy, bankrupt the government and thereby destroy capitalism. And if you were susceptible to conspiracy theories, the recent upsurge of transgender activism might inspire you to wonder whether the drive for LGBT “equality” (activists now promote transgenderism among kindergartners) is part of this strategy to destroy America.

Of course, you’d have to be crazy to believe such a far-fetched idea, but then again, “trans non-binary queer” Aryn Maitland is crazy enough to believe Republicans are killing her/“them.”



You see? There is a reason certain people have become emotionally attached to ObamaCare’s illusion of “free” healthcare for everybody, especially mandating coverage for pre-existing conditions.

How do people become so irrational as to believe that they are entitled to “free” transgender treatment? Well, once upon a time, before she became “they,” Aryn Maitland was a bright young student in Belleville, New York. Eryne Michele Daymont, to use her actual name, grew up in a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses and received an academic scholarship to attend prestigious St. Lawrence College, a private liberal arts school. Alas, by the first semester of her sophomore year in fall 2011, she was miserable — “gay, white, overweight” and wondering, “Where did my childhood go?” This became the subject of a 2012 appeal on the site CrowdRise:

In 2010 I began classes at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. With a $100,000 scholarship in hand, I bounded off to college and…hated it. I realized I wasn’t following my dream. I didn’t want to be a doctor, I didn’t want to be in northern New York, and I didn’t want to be in such awful debt. Annual tuition alone at SLU is upwards of $40,000 (add in the cost of room and board, books, etc., you’ll end up paying over $54,000).
So I left.
Now, I’ve decided to follow my dream. One year later, I’ve moved to the West Coast, the San Francisco Bay Area, to be exact. And I’m going back to college! I’m following my dream. In one year, I’ll be in LA, attending classes and making my life truly successful!
There’s still one problem…money. You see, I still owe St. Lawrence University $1,200 before they’ll release my transcripts. Without them, I can’t even apply to another college.



Eryne walked away from a $100,000 scholarship to follow her dream to San Francisco. Her plan to move to LA and return to school never happened. By 2016, she was issuing an ultimatum to her non-profit “progressive” employer that she should be called “Aryn” and “they/them.” She began taking testosterone and posting topless selfies (here and here) and otherwise blogging about transgenderism on — where else? — Tumblr. On Instagram, she calls herself “one half of a Leo-Aquarius Power Couple.” Good-bye, Jehovah’s Witnesses! Hello, astrology! And guess who was promoting a Women’s March fundraiser in San Francisco?


The ‘Leo-Aquarius Power Couple’ at a gay pride event in San Francisco.

As amusing as all this might seem in a point-and-laugh carnival-sideshow freak kind of way, we cannot ignore the human tragedy here. The diligent student who once won a Daughters of the American Revolution essay prize, and who aspired to become a doctor, is now living under a pseudonym, injecting herself with testosterone and posting topless selfies on the Internet. Feminists proclaim “The Future Is Female,” but it seems that The Future Is Trans Non-Binary Queer for Eryne/“Aryn.”

None of this would be subject to criticism, were it not for the fact that (a) Aryn has publicized her/“their” delusional follow-my-dream tale, and (b) transgender activism influences matters of public policy. Much of the “science” behind the transgender agenda was funded by federal research grants, and driven by taxpayer-subsidized academic activism at hundreds of universities where feminist gender theory is taught.

Feminism Is Queer, to quote Professor Mimi Marinucci, who is employed on the payroll of Eastern Washington University. Meanwhile, at the University of Oregon, the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies now offers a minor in Queer Studies.

What is remarkable is how proponents of Queer Theory have banished opposition from campus, by labeling criticism of their ideology as “hate,” so that the basic facts of human biology are in effect prohibited from discussion in academia. Whenever I write about the lunatic gibberish now being taught in Gender Studies programs, some commenter will inevitably remark that the people majoring in this nonsense will never be able to get jobs after graduation. However, consider what the University of Oregon says about its Queer Studies program:

Education, journalism, law, human resources, public policy, social services, and all the health professions require workers who have cutting-edge knowledge of diversity issues. Students who complete this minor can apply their knowledge to positions in government, industry, for-profit companies, and nonprofit organizations. Large companies and municipalities are hiring staff to work expressly with LGBT populations. In fact, a growing number of municipalities and cities in Oregon (Portland, Multnomah County, Eugene, and Ashland, for example) have enacted domestic partnership legal status for same-sex couples and families, leading to a need for individuals with expertise in the fields of human resources, legal counseling, and political activism. Help expand opportunities in this important area.

Identity politics produces a demand for government programs, and universities are training the future bureaucrats who will run LGBT programs and who, of course, will be employed at taxpayer expense. Meanwhile, there are career opportunities in “journalism” and “political activism” (insofar as these are still separate fields of endeavor, e.g., the editors of Teen Vogue promoting anal sex). If “the personal is political,” as feminists declare, then politics turns into nothing but a constant stream of demands for an ever-increasing number of government programs to provide “solutions” to an ever-increasing number of personal problems, based on the assumption that taxpayers will pay the bills.

But what happens if we run out of taxpayers? What if every confused teenager dropped out of college to follow their dream into irresponsible craziness, becoming non-profit activists for transgenderism or some other progressive cause, dependent on “free” healthcare and other government programs to help them cope with life? America already has a $20 trillion national debt, with budget deficits as far as the eye can see.

“The problem with socialism,” Margaret Thatcher said, “is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” And the problem with feminism is, eventually you run out of other people’s daughters.

Eyrne Daymont (a/k/a “Aryn Maitland”) is unlikely ever to become a mother and, because it proverbially “takes two to tango,” the same may be said for whatever girlfriends she/“they” may choose as her/“their” companions as she/“they” follow her/“their” dream of trans non-binary queer life. As I’ve often remarked, feminism steers women toward the Darwinian Dead End, because childlessness is the feminist ideal of “liberation.” The long-term consequences of this insanity will be a sort of mass-extinction event, as many millions of vulnerable young people are recruited into the progressive cult where abortion, contraception, promiscuity, homosexuality and transgenderism are worshipped with sacred devotion. Or maybe there will be some kind of geological cataclysm. Massive earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tsunami floods wiping the San Francisco region off the map, leaving Nancy Pelosi with no constituents to represent in Congress, and all the activist types in Berkeley buried in a latter-day Pompeii, never to be unearthed until some future archaeologist discovers their skeletal remains.

We don’t have enough lunatic asylums in America to house all these weirdos and nutjobs, and there’s not enough money in the world to pay for all the outpatient treatment they’ll need. The next time you’re debating health care, remember this: Crazy is a pre-existing condition.




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