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Tranny SJW Claims Science Does Not Prove That the Penis Is a Male Organ

Posted on | July 25, 2017 | 1 Comment


Zachary Antolak, a/k/a “Zinnia Jones,” a/k/a “Satana Kennedy,” a/k/a “Lauren McNamara” is a person familiar to regular readers here. An atheist transgender activist and Internet pornographer, Antolak/“Jones” has tattooed himself/“herself” with a symbol used on the cover of Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible modified with transgender symbols.

The bizarre semantics by which Antolak/“Jones” claims that the penis is not “male genitals” is a perfect example of the lunatic ideology of the transgender cult. As I noted in the case of Eyrne Daymont a/k/a “Aryn Maitland,” crazy is a pre-existing condition. When confronted by the rhetoric of transgender activists, we must recognize that we are dealing with seriously disturbed people. Their efforts to distort language, to change the meanings of words, and to force the rest of to accept their revised definitions, represent a dishonest attempt to obtain validation by compelling others to ratify their delusions.

As the feminist site 4th Wave Now points out, “gender dysphoria occurs with troubling frequency in concert with a range of other mental disturbances, including personality disorders, depression, anxiety, and autism.” In other words, people who are confused about their gender identity are often confused about a lot of other things.

Part of what’s going on here is a consequence of decades of schools promoting “self-esteem,” where every child gets a participation trophy, and everyone has a right to believe they’re awesome. This nonsense doesn’t equip young people for adult life, where there are winners and losers, and where the vast majority of people must struggle along without any praise, encouragement or recognition for their efforts. Having never learned to endure hardship with stoic dignity (which is what all children should be taught), the young misfits full of “self-esteem” become convinced that the world has somehow cheated them of the praise to which the Special Snowflakes believe they are entitled. This cognitive dissonance is the psychological root of the antinomian rage among Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), who wish to destroy all existing laws, institutions and social norms which they condemn as oppressive forces of “capitalist imperialist white supremacist cisheteronormative patriarchy,” to quote the University of Southern California’s Vanessa Diaz.

“Social justice” has become an argument that lunatics must be allowed to run the asylum, because sanity is a prejudicial concept that discriminates against kooks and wackos. This is why we find Zachary Antolak/“Zinnia Jones” on the Internet asserting that it is unscientific to describe the penis as a male sexual organ, and expecting this bizarre assertion to be taken seriously. But let’s not forget “Satana Kennedy.”


Here again self-esteem ideology intersects with the SJW mentality in the form of toxic narcissism. Zachary/“Zinnia” insists that everything he/“she” does is off-limits to criticism, including his/“her” Internet pornography career as “Satana Kennedy.” This sordid activity has earned Zachary/“Zinnia”/“Satana” the sobriquet “Queen of the Horse Dildos.” Like prostitution, pornography is inherently shameful. Everyone who watches pornography is as complicit in this perverse degradation as those who profit from its production. While the Supreme Court has maintained that pornography is protected by the First Amendment (a claim that would surely shock the 18th-century Americans who authored and ratified that amendment), the fact that it is legal doesn’t mean pornography isn’t also wrong. The same is true of abortion, and yet pro-abortion advocates (e.g., Lindy West) have sought to “de-stigmatize” abortion in the same way that the advocates of pornography have sought to de-stigmatize their own depraved practices.

Using the phrase “sex work” to describe his/“her” activity as an online exhibitionist, Zachary/“Zinnia”/“Satana” seeks to normalize what is inarguably abnormal behavior. If publicly degrading yourself for the onanistic pleasure of an audience of perverts is a “neat job,” and if those engaged in this activity are “seriously amazing people,” then anyone who criticizes the “trans porn community” is just a hateful bigot — such is the implied argument of Zachary/“Zinnia”/“Satana.”

This is a crude sort of rhetorical jiu-jitsu, common to “social justice” discourse. SJWs attempt to transfer moral shame from the participants in shameful behavior (abortion, pornography, drug abuse, etc.) to their opponents who criticize such behavior. By the logic of SJWs, it is not criminals who deserve condemnation; instead, their rage is directed against the police who apprehend criminals. By the same logical inversion of values, we should not admire those who succeed in business, but rather we should hate “the rich” as exploiters, and demand the destruction of capitalism itself as a system of oppression. This jiu-jitsu reversal is how SJWs justified the Black Lives Matter movement, which sparked riots and assassinations of police. Similarly, SJW logic apparently led college philosophy instructor Eric Clanton to believe he was justified in committing aggravated assault against Trump supporters.

By this upside-down-and-backward method of rhetoric, SJWs strive to prohibit disagreement, categorizing opposition as “hate” and depicting themselves as victims of unjust prejudice. “If you want to control what people think, you must first control what they are allowed to say.” The totalitarian suppression of free speech is a logical consequence of the social justice worldview. If transgender pornographers are “amazing people,” anyone who criticizes Zachary/“Zinnia”/“Satana” must obviously be a bad person. You are a hater, and therefore you no longer have a right to express your own beliefs and opinions. In fact, according to SJWs like Zachary/“Zinnia”/“Satana,” normal people don’t even have a right to their own sexual preferences.


Here we arrive at the real bottom line of the LGBT agenda. Once disapproval is prohibited as “hate,” then the demand for “equality” makes participation mandatory. Anyone who refuses to engage in homosexual activity — which is what Zachary/“Zinnia”/“Satana” demands — is subject to the accusation of being “exclusionary.” For a man to declare his unwillingness to having sex with a carnival freak show like Zinnia Jones is “misplaced and inappropriate.” and heterosexual men must “try to work through” this aversion.

What Zinnia Jones is saying here is what the LGBT movement actually believes: Heterosexuality is wrong. Gay radicals demand sexual access to 100% of the population, and anyone who objects to this agenda — anyone who refuses to participate in gay sex — will be condemned as a bigot. As crazy as this may seem, it is an entirely logical conclusion if you accept the SJW premise that “discrimination” and “prejudice” against gay people are unjust forms of systemic oppression.

Once you allow the lunatics to run the asylum, you have to play by their rules. Under the new rules, if Zachary wants to call himself “Zinnia” and insists that his penis is not a male organ, any expression of disagreement with his/her assertions will be prohibited as hate speech.

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