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Never Talk to @NicoleStamp (and Other Advice for Men Confused by Feminism)

Posted on | October 28, 2017 | 3 Comments






Nicole Stamp is a Canadian queer feminist who has been marching in gay pride parades since she was a teenager. She is currently appearing in the lesbian TV series Carmilla. To put it as bluntly as possible, if you are male, the smart thing to do is to avoid Nicole Stamp completely (as if you needed another reason to stay away from Canada).

On Oct. 16, Ms. Stamp wrote a Facebook post about the #MeToo hashtag in reaction to the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Her post began:

Today my timeline is full of decent men asking, “How can I help?”, in the wake of the viral #MeToo movement created by
I’m going to take this question as sincere, and give a few suggestions. . . .

Here’s some Latin for you — mala fides.

Ms. Stamp is arguing in bad faith because she is a feminist, a member of a totalitarian anti-male hate movement. Her reference to “decent men” is dishonest. Feminists condemn all men as participants in, and beneficiaries of, the systemic oppression of women, i.e., “patriarchy.” Therefore, when a feminist like Ms. Stamp speaks of “decent men,” she is speaking of a category that is non-existent, according to her ideology.


What does Ms. Stamp mean, then, in asserting that “a small group of my own male friends . . . were explicitly asking for advice”? Can we expect her to give us a list of the names of these idiots, just so we could ascertain their existence? Don’t hold your breath. While I doubt any man could be so foolish as to seek Ms. Stamp’s advice, she lives in Canada, where idiots are quite numerous, so we’ll stipulate she has “male friends.”

What sort of “advice” does Ms. Stamp offer men? She accuses them of “male privilege,” invokes “marginalized groups” and “oppressed persons,” and urges men to “Google ‘kyriarchy’ and ‘intersectionality’ to learn more.” In other words, Ms. Stamp delivers the same jargon-filled Third Wave SJW sermon you’ve heard a million times, if you’ve paid any attention at all to feminism in the past five years. How is it that Ms. Stamp’s “male friends” — the “decent men” who, she says, desperately solicited her advice — have missed this? Yet we already stipulated, arguendo, that these men actually exist (because Canada is full of idiots), so let’s move on. Ms. Stamp’s Facebook post “went viral,” and this resulted in it being republished at CNN’s Web site.


So here we have Ms. Stamp at CNN advising men on “consent”:

During sex, seek enthusiastic consent. If your partner hesitates, stops reciprocating, avoids eye contact, becomes quiet, tense or frozen, or otherwise slows the tempo of any sexual encounter, then you should STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
Revise your idea of consent. The old model is, essentially, “go for it, until someone yells stop”. But having a history of trauma, (like, say, a #MeToo story) can actually cause people to freeze up in response to stress. This makes it difficult for them to say “no,” even when they want to stop. So keep in mind that no means no … and frozen silence also means no.
Flip the paradigm. Instead of charging ahead until you hear “no,” pay attention and proceed only when you receive a clear “yes.” Yes can be verbal — or it can be an enthusiastic action, like ripping off an item of clothing — together.

When reading this sermon on consent, of course, you must keep in mind the facts about Ms. Stamps cited above, e.g., her celebration of the Toronto Dyke March and her evident devotion to lesbianism. CNN didn’t inform its readers of this, nor did they otherwise indicate skepticism about Ms. Stamp’s sincerity. (Who are those “male friends”?)

Insofar as Ms. Stamp has an opinion on heterosexuality, she seems to be against it. Certainly, I would not accuse her of participating in it. Ms. Stamp would probably be offended if anyone suggested she had ever felt sexual attraction toward a male, nor would I dare imply she might give “enthusiastic consent” to heterosexual intercourse.

“I loved how many strong female characters there were. I loved that there were so many queer relationships.”
Nicole Stamp, on being cast in Carmilla

You see the problem here. If men are seeking advice on how to have sex with women, they should seek it from women who like sex with men. Heterosexuality isn’t necessarily so difficult to understand that you need a college education to figure it out — humans have been doing it successfully for thousands of years — but one ought to have an established record of success before offering advice on the subject.

Feminists in general despise men as inferior. The feminist movement is not about “equality,” and it isn’t about “consent.” Feminists like Nicole Stamp consider all males loathsome and contemptible, and she would never advise any woman to “consent” to sex with a male. The very idea of heteorsexual intercouse fills her with dread and horror.

Although I’ve never been published at, nor do I claim that any men (“decent” or otherwise) have begged me for advice — “How can I help?” — I will nonetheless offer this bit of wisdom:


The whole damned country is full of queer Third Wave feminists babbling on about “intersectionality” and “kyriarchy.” As dangerously crazy as American feminists are, Canadian feminists are far worse. And if, by some misfortune, a young man should ever find himself in Toronto, beware! If you see Nicole Stamp, do not speak to her. It may not be illegal for a man to talk to a feminist in Canada, but it’s definitely unwise.