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The Hollywood Rape Machine

Posted on | December 9, 2017 | 2 Comments


The anonymous blogger describes himself on his Twitter profile as a “300 pound entertainment lawyer who has been married six times, lives in his parent’s basement and has an obsession with digging up celebrity dirt.” While it is doubtful he’s that fat or “lives in his parent’s basement,” he is legitimately a lawyer in show business, and the dirt he’s been digging up has made him “King of the Hollywood Blind Item.”

A “blind item,” in journalistic parlance, is a gossip-column story that doesn’t include the names of its subjects. At his blog “Crazy Days and Nights” (CDAN), the entertainment lawyer puts out blind items and his commenters play a guessing game to figure out who it’s about. He has gained a reputation for impeccable accuracy, as his earlier items on Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Matt Lauer have all been confirmed in recent weeks and, if he maintains his 100% accuracy record, we haven’t seen the end of it, by a long shot. The wildfires currently raging through Southern California may be omens of a forthcoming inferno in Hollywood with billionaires among the casualties.

David Geffen, for example. Commenters easily guessed that a CDAN blind item about the rape of two teenage girls by a rock star was about former Eagles drummer Don Henley. According to the CDAN item, money from the music mogul Geffen was crucial to keeping Henley out of prison in that 1979 incident, and the rocker likewise benefitted from his friendship — through ex-girlfriend Linda Ronstadt — with California Gov. Jerry Brown. Also, coincidentally, Henley was a big supporter of the Clintons, for whom Geffen went “all-in” during the 1990s, so the story has political ramifications. There are connections here, and when you realize that Geffen was one of three Hollywood tycoons, along with Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg, who united to form Dreamworks in 1994, the possible fallout could be catastrophic.

What about Star Wars creator George Lucas? Most commenters on this CDAN blind item about a “permanent A+ list director” seem to agree that Lucas best fits the description of the pedophile with the “huge ranch,” who was friends with a “permanent A+ list singer.” If it’s not Lucas . . .

Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch, 1982.

Go read the story and the comments and decide for yourself. There’s some pretty sick stuff there, but that’s not the worst story at CDAN. Commenters almost unanimously agree that this blind item about an actor who “molested and sexually assaulted multiple” teenage boys refers to John Travolta, and that it was his friend Kirstie Alley who, along with Scientologists, pressured him into a “beard” marriage to Kelly Preston.

And yet even that is not the worst item at CDAN. Have you ever heard of an actress named Heather O’Rourke? Commenters at CDAN guessed her as the child star who “was first molested when she was 5 or 6 and had continued to be molested throughout her hit movies and also on a previous show.” The story of what caused her death is gruesome, yet it was allegedly covered up by producers of the TV show where it happened (Rocky Road, which ran for 71 episodes on TBS, 1985-87). Now, the two men in charge of that show, executive producer Arthur Annecharico and producer Gene Abravaya, are still living, and they might have cause to file a defamation suit, if this CDAN story were false. However (a) it’s a blind item, (b) the guesswork by the CDAN commenters is mere speculation, and (c) the blogger at CDAN is a lawyer, who surely knows that truth is the ultimate defense against a libel claim. Even if the CDAN item were exaggerated or partly false, would the people associated with Rocky Road want to file a lawsuit then go through all the discovery, depositions, etc? Not if the CDAN story contains any element of truth, they don’t. Imagine a former child actress — one of whom CDAN cites as his source — on the witness stand, testifying about what she saw on the set. No, the potential damage to the plaintiff in such a lawsuit would be too great.

Also, nobody cares about a crappy old cable sitcom from the ’80s. What makes the (alleged) Heather O’Rourke item at CDAN really interesting is the assertion that she was “first molested when she was 5 or 6 and had continued to be molested throughout her hit movies.”

What movie was she working on when she was 5 or 6? Poltergeist.

And who was the producer of Poltergeist?

Well, it wasn’t George Lucas. Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.

What’s that you say? These dots seem to form a pattern?

Years ago, when I’d complain to Andrew Breitbart about the corruption in Washington, he’d always say, “No, Stacy — Hollywood is worse.” The people who produce America’s entertainment, Andrew would assure me, are very bad people. Obviously, Andrew was right.