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Feminists Hate All Men, So Why Expect Them to Love ‘Male Feminists’?

Posted on | January 15, 2018 | 2 Comments

“Women are an oppressed class. Our oppression is total, affecting every facet of our lives. . . .
“We identify the agents of our oppression as men. . . . All men receive economic, sexual, and psychological benefits from male supremacy. All men have oppressed women.”

Redstockings Manifesto, 1969

“The first condition for escaping from forced motherhood and sexual slavery is escape from the patriarchal institution of marriage.”
Alison M. Jaggar, 1988

“I believe it can be shown that, historically, lesbianism and feminism have been coterminous if not identical social phenomena.”
Bonnie Zimmerman, 1997

“Every time I see a dirty cup on the kitchen counter, my face gets red. The level of disrespect feels . . . as if Andrew has hopped on the counter, pulled down his pants, and taken a shit there for me to clean up. My husband is lovely. He is a feminist. . . .
“Our default mood is low-level annoyance toward each other with a propensity to turn into full-blown rage at the smallest thing. . . .
“I feel like I might hate him and I suspect he feels the same.”

Jessica Valenti, 2016

Glenn Reynolds calls attention to an article by Debra Soh, who seeks to explain the “male feminist” phenomenon by invoking evolutionary psychology. She sees this as a type of mating strategy “in which subordinate males manage to accomplish mating with females — which they otherwise might not get to do — by taking advantage of instances in which dominant (and more appealing) males are preoccupied, fighting off intruders. This has been observed across multiple species in the animal kingdom and in humans, it takes the form of feminist men.”

This is wrong. Doh does not factor into her assessment the actual impact of feminism on women, which is to make them undesirable as mates, especially in the only context where an evolutionary explanation is applicable, i.e., in terms of reproduction. Feminist ideology is not merely anti-male, but also anti-marriage and, especially, anti-motherhood. Feminists advocate abortion, contraception and homosexuality as means of preventing women from becoming mothers. This is why, insofar as a young man is interested in having a wife and children, he should avoid associating with any woman who identifies herself as a feminist.

Suppose, as a hypothetical scenario, that a young man meets a woman who is both attractive and heterosexual. Such women seldom become feminists, and there is no incentive for a man to play the “male feminist” game in that scenario. If, however, in the course of their introductory conversation, the woman makes a point of expressing feminist beliefs, what should the young man do? My advice is, walk away.

Because she hates you, and The First Rule of Feminism is SHUT UP.


“I want to address all the men in this audience. . . .
I want to talk to all the men today, who made
placards and banners of pro-choice. . . .
I am saying to all those men:
Know your place! This is a women’s movement!”

Feminists hate men almost as much as feminists hate babies. The only reason a feminist would want to marry a man is to enjoy the sadistic pleasure of making him miserable the rest of his life. Go read my review of Jessica Valenti’s book Sex Object and ask yourself if her husband Andrew Golis wouldn’t have been wiser to have thrown himself off the Empire State Building, rather than marrying that hate-filled monster.

The “male feminist” has made an erroneous calculation, rooted in a misguided understanding of female psychology and feminist ideology. In describing feminism as “coterminous” with lesbianism, Professor Bonnie Zimmerman — a pioneer in the field of Women’s Studies — was stating what every student of modern feminism must acknowledge. Feminists are psychologically abnormal women. They can never actually love men, and derive no emotional satisfaction from male companionship. This is true even of feminists like Jessica Valenti who call themselves “heterosexual.” In her memoir Sex Object, she makes clear that her “lovely feminist” husband is not exempt from her hatred of males. Because feminist ideology categorically condemns males as oppressors of women, it’s scarcely surprising that she interprets “a dirty cup on the kitchen counter” as a gesture of “disrespect” from her husband.

This is why the “male feminist” strategy is a failure, in terms of enabling men to “accomplish mating with females.” No man, not even the “subordinate males” described by the evolutionary theory Debra Soh invokes, would rationally prefer as his mate a psychologically disturbed woman like Jessica Valenti. Even if he were able to endure her implacable hostility, what about his children? Would any wise person trust a helpless child to the care of a pro-abortion fanatic like Jessica Valenti, a blasphemous atheist consumed by a demonic spirit of cruelty?


Feminist ideology only appeals to women so devoid of normal human sympathy, so warped by resentment and rage, that they prefer to kill babies rather than to care for them. Feminism is a death cult whose devotees derive pleasure from hatred, and are incapable of love.

Love requires respect. The basic claim of feminism is that men are oppressors of women, and thus deserve no respect. A bully does not respect a coward, and a feminist does not respect a “male feminist.” By trying to appease her, the “male feminist” inspires her contempt. The feminist understands, at a subconscious level at least, that her implacable hatred of males is irrational, and that her anti-male rhetoric is a slanderous insult to any honest and decent man. The feminist is therefore correct if she concludes that any man who seeks to convince her that he shares her ideology is either a fool or a liar, or perhaps both.

Even worse from a Darwinian perspective, the “male feminist” communicates his weakness, desperation and low status. After all, there are plenty of guys doing just fine with women without having to grovel in obeisance to the idolatrous cult of gender equality.

If a guy can get laid without playing the “male feminist” game, what does this say about guys who do play that game? In many cases, we discover, the “male feminist” is actually a sexual predator (e.g., “Male Feminist Comedian Aziz Ansari Accused Of Sexual Assault”). There is a reason why I advise young men, never talk to a feminist:

Guys: Learn to take a hint. Learn to walk away.
If a woman tells you she is a feminist, say nothing and walk away.
No feminist wants to hear what a man has to say, and life is too short to waste your time taking to feminists. Just walk away.
Leave feminists alone, and then they can complain about that.
God knows, they’ve always got to have something to complain about.

Guys who ignore that advice are at risk being accused of sexual harassment or assault. A feminist is apt to interpret anything a man says to her as “harassment,” and any overt sexual gesture — a kiss, a hug, whatever — may later result in an accusation of sexual assault.

Trust me, boys: If you meet a woman who actually likes you, she won’t say one damned word about feminism. She understands that genuinely attractive men don’t have to put up with that crap to get laid. So if she does mention feminism, it’s a signal she’s not interested in you. Besides, feminists usually have herpes, so even if she was interested in you, that wouldn’t be a good thing. It’s a lose-lose situation, really, and the worst outcome would be for you to lose all self-respect and became that loathsome and useless creature, the “male feminist.”