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Financial Autarch Chooses To Share Thoughts

Posted on | February 10, 2010 | Comments Off on Financial Autarch Chooses To Share Thoughts

by Smitty

CNSNews summarizes Ben Bernanke’s latest proclamation:

Under the threat of a major snowstorm, the panel postponed its hearing scheduled for Wednesday. The hearing was intended to review the Fed’s plans for withdrawing its emergency supports. Bernanke chose to release the prepared testimony, given the interest of investors and others.

Deciding when and how to remove all the stimulus is the biggest challenge for Bernanke in his second term, which started last week. Reeling in the stimulus too soon risks short-circuiting the recovery. That could send unemployment up.

Yet the Fed keeps its stimulus measures in place for too long, they could help unleash inflation.

As the snow melts away this Spring, the Progressive snow job will remain. The 63rd Congress’s satanic hate child will continue to promulgate the fiction that such a beast should exist without explicit Constitutional amendment.

If not for the snow, we can thank Vice President Albert Gore, Jr. for the internet. By the power of the shiny tubes, we can make sure that all Tea Party candidates are aware of HR1207, and the need to do something that is sane, transparent, and befitting of the country that so many have fought and died for, not this Federal Reserve.


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