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Posted on | October 3, 2010 | 6 Comments


State Dept. May Issue Travel Alert For  Europe Monday

Final decision postponed; action based on recent threats

PLO Sez: No Talks Until Settlement Halt
Oh, wait, that’s not news.

Activists Rally For Beleaguered Democrats
Thousands, I tell you! Thousands!
Rutgers Honors Tyler Clementi At Homecoming Game

Heated Debate On Immigration Highlights Univision Debate

Translation breakdown interrupts fireworks, Anglos y asiáticos fueron golpeados lo más difícilmente posible

Gibbs to DNC, Kaine to Cabinet?

Time to rearrange deck chairs already?

Details Emerge On Cali No-Tax Budget Pact

Daley: Chicago Will Decide Next Mayor, Not Obama


Las Vegas Faces Worst Year Since 1940s

Microsoft Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Motorola Over Android

Ford Cash To Exceed Debt By 2011


Padres Win Again, 4-2 Over Giants
It’s down to the last game of the season

#1 Alabama Crushes #7 Florida 31-6

Damn Yankees Thump Red Sox 10-6
Open one-game lead in AL East

Phils Shut Out Braves 7-0
Atlanta slips to tie for NL Wild Card

Steelers’ Dixon To Injured Reserve With Knee Injury

Paris Hilton Show Slated For Oxygen

Reality show to look “behind the scenes”

Britney Spears Sued By Former Nanny

Katherine Heigl: “I Don’t Believe My Own Press”

Eminem Seen As Top Contender For Grammy

“The Social Network” Opens Big On Coasts; Elsewhere In Country, Nobody Cares


Latvian Ruling Coalition Wins Re-election
Voters support harsh austerity measures

Pakistan Border Remains Closed For Third Day

Ecuador To Revise Austerity Laws After Police Revolt
Three police colonels under criminal investigation for failing to prevent unruly protests

Court In Ukraine Reverses Orange Revolution
More power to pro-Russian president


Triple-H Doorknocks For Mother-in-Law Linda McMahon

Photos From The OneNation Rally You Won’t See In The MSM

Government Motors IPO I: IBD Questions The Timing

Government Motors IPO II: NLPC Smells A Union “Pump And Dump” Scheme

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6 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE10.3.10

  1. TJWalsh
    October 3rd, 2010 @ 9:31 am

    The Las Vegas storyline was a link to the NYT. I don’t support them or read them, but unforetunately my click there did support them.

    Please warn us about MFM links, as Ace would say, so we don’t support them if we don’t want to.

  2. garden brinjal
    October 3rd, 2010 @ 10:14 am


    Don’t be a lazy arse. When there is no explicit indication of the external-link source (as is the case with most), move your mouse pointer over the linked-text and you can see the related url at the bottom of your browser window. Then you can make a decision whether to click or not.