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Have I Mentioned That I’m Polish On My Mother’s Side?

Posted on | October 5, 2010 | 17 Comments

by Smitty

After a day or two under the new posting regime, the time has come to celebrate Stacy McCain’s aggressive approach to new technology integration with a reader poll. The first and third choices will combine to form the NO crowd, the second and fourth the YES.

DisqUS: Old and Tired; or, the New Hotness?
We fear change: revert, pervert!
It renews my faith in humanity.
Yet Another Godforsaken Login. Make the pain stop!
Ace:: This poll makes me want to get some vanilla ice cream, a lot of strawberries, some whipped cream and then call up Marco Rubio.
Marco Rubio:: For God’s sake, man! You’re not Ace, this is not one of his creepy titles, and the poll isn’t even political!
Smitty: Why do you hate sundaes? free polls

Hopefully, the third try at migrating the old comments proves successful. Fragile process. And I have a query in to DisqUS about the comment counts on the posts, but this could be a theme issue, i.e. more on us to sort out.
On the whole, I think the system is a net win, but will lay by my dish if our survey suggests otherwise.
Aside: everybody, request you disagree agreeably. There has been some recent animus about rude replies to comments. Treat these other commenters, whom you mostly haven’t met, with a default level of courtesy. There are ways to express that another person’s ideas are utterly daft in a positive way, that doesn’t detract from the blog’s overall dialog level.
If you want to call me everything but an American citizen, get your own blog and flex that First Amendment. My postings strive for a general decorum. Stacy lets fly a bit more than I care to; that’s his prerogative. He is The Talent.
But I Frankly, Unsurprisingly, Can’t Know Immeasurable Nirvana, Given hate (of) babysitting, and will show a commensurate lack of humor to those dragging me into such.


17 Responses to “Have I Mentioned That I’m Polish On My Mother’s Side?”

  1. jefferson101
    October 5th, 2010 @ 9:44 am

    It’s getting awfully complex, not to mention that the comments are difficult to follow, since the reply feature seems to place replies with the original comment, instead of in time sequence.

    That means I have to scroll through the whole thing repeatedly.

    I hang around places like this for information and entertainment value. If it gets too busy and confusing?