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Few Miles Journeyed to Richmond: Adavantageous

Posted on | October 9, 2010 | 2 Comments

by Smitty

The Virginia Tea Party Convention has been a success. Attending an event in a full-on convention center means that the booths and the speakers have much more room. It’s far less cramped than CPAC has been. We couldn’t wish for better speakers and breakout sessions. I’ve got 16Gb of video that is going to have to wait until I get home tonight and/or tomorrow to wade through. Also, the wife has to be pried off of the shiny new Alienware laptop that actually has the guts to edit .mts video files.
Bishop Jackson’s keynote, as well as the Michael Spalding of Heritage overview of “The Progressive Assault on the Principles of Liberty” and Mike Tanner of CATO wondering aloud if Social security reform is possible (#^&* no, shoot that dog, it’s rabid) will make for some great clips in the Very Near Future.
As usual, meeting other bloggers, and adding to the Axis of Fedora, has been a priority.
More from At the Point of a Gun.
Also, congratulations to Joel Demos in MN-5 on the Ten Buck Fridays win.
In the meantime, back to our FMJRA.

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