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Posted on | October 9, 2010 | 2 Comments


Chinese Political Prisoner Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Liu Xiaobo

Nobel Committee ignores PRC pressure, selects Charter 08 author and longtime advocate of nonviolent change to PRC political system

96,000 More Jobs Lost In September

Jones Out, Donilon In As National Security Adviser
Replacing a general with a lawyer. As they didn’t have enough lawyers running the wars already.

40 State AGs Looking At Joint Foreclosure Probe
BoA, others freezing foreclosures


Capitalizing On Cash Advantage, GOP Goes For Full-Court Press

Minority Leader John Boehner rips "out of touch" Democrats

Shades of Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy, only with elephants

Brown Staffer’s Phone Flub Shot In Arm For Whitman?

Christie May Reconsider Cancelled Hudson River Tunnel

Cahill Campaign Continues To Implode


Wal-Mart Ends Employee Profit Sharing

No New Reactor For Calvert Cliffs

Adobe Stock Drops As Merger Rumors Recede

Grain Prices Up On Poor Corn Harvest News


Ankiel Hits 11th Inning Blast, Braves Tie NLDS

Braves manager Bobby Cox

Game moved to TNT, appropriately enough

Reds Give Away 4-0 Lead On Errors, Phillies Come Back To Win 7-4

Choking Twins Get No Sympathy For Playoff Failures

Stanford Favored This Weekend Over – USC?!?!

Cocks Game Enough To Roll Back Tide?

Thrashers Goalie Collapses On Ice, Atlanta Wins Opener Anyway

Michigan Couple Sentenced To Four Years In Stamos Extortion

John Stamos

Attempted blackmail with nonexistent photos showing “Glee” star with hookers & blow

Eminem: No Profanity In My House

Sundance Favorite “Blue Valentine” Gets NC-17 Rating

No Phone, Twitter For LiLo In Rehab

Serving Up Curves: Rachael Ray Dresses Up As Jessica Rabbit For Halloween Show

Ozzy Disgusted At WBC Use Of His Music


Kyrgyzstan Votes For Parliamentary Democracy
No one knows who’ll win! Crazy!

Rescue Of Trapped Chilean Miners Imminent

Former Labour Spin Doctor Slags Mandelson, Miliband, Others In Party

Sarkozy, Pope Benedict To Meet About Vatican’s Roma Concerns


Deadspin: Liverpool FC Chairman Admires Winning Attitude Of The Boston Rod Sex (Video)

Powerline: Strong Shots And Long Shots

Verum Serum: About That “Hijacking Democracy”, Mr. President…

Jawa Report: Things We Can Learn From The FBI GPS Flap

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