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As The Tea Parties Provide The Change, So Must They Gather The Country

Posted on | October 17, 2010 | 7 Comments

by Smitty

If you were edified by Night Sweats of a Small Businessman, you’ll enjoy the follow up, Liberals Are Not The Enemy. . .They’re Just Wrong:

So, what now? Where do we go from here? I wish I was that smart. The only piece of advice I can give is this: look to your fellow citizen for help. Agree on the facts as they are. Deliberate with the most liberal of them and try to get them off the talking points long enough to have a sincere dialog. Liberals are not the enemy, they are just wrong.
Irish Cicero, the head man at Washington Rebel, often screams at us to do just that, stop relying on bumper stickers to do our talking. Yes, dialog with a liberal sucks: they never stay on point; they want to blame Bush for everything and absolve Obama of exactly the same actions. Call it your “duty” to do so. It is for the republic.
Most of all, don’t look for this election to solve anything for you. The debt schedule is exactly the same, no matter who is in power. It doesn’t matter who the “general partner” is when the wheels come off, they have been loose for a long time.

Today I sent off a birthday card to someone I care for very deeply who drank the kool-aid, so this post hits home.
Thanks to the Internet, we continue the crawl out from under the Progressive thumb. We still have an election to support in a fortnight. But as you phonebank for your candidate, as you encounter those who subscribe to this raft of ideas that have failed, have compassion.
The number of actual evil masterminds on the left isn’t that great, I’d surmise. The bulk of them are people who may subscribe to their collectivist ideas.
Prediction: after the election, the Federal Reserve is going to go for another round of quantitative easing. That’s counterfeiting to you and me, and, unless you’re the one writing the laws, you’re going to find yourself outside the law for doing it. If you’re the lawmaker, you merely crash the economy.
With all of the other uncertainty in the world, this QE will prove disastrous. The Masters of the Universe will stand revealed as diabolical, or clowns, which difference will be academic in the wreckage. This will be our economic winter, as all of the closed shops do that business variation of José Feliciano: “For Lease Navidad”.
It’s going to suck, but I submit that no less teacher than suction will be of any use: we will have to get through Progressive Winter to reach the post-Progressive Spring. The only thing royal about this road is the PITA.
Just as the President really didn’t deliver on Hope and Change in any useful way, uniting the country has also been a wash.  But where that son of a Kenyan failed to bring us together, hardship will likely give us a solid compacting.
Also, I could be wrong, which is also not a bad thing.


7 Responses to “As The Tea Parties Provide The Change, So Must They Gather The Country”

  1. T.L. Davis
    October 17th, 2010 @ 1:21 pm

    Robert, I would differ a little, the argument with the liberals is often overheard by more rational and interested observers, and that is the real audience.