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Gov. Pete DuPont Steps Up To The Plate

Posted on | October 21, 2010 | 4 Comments

by Smitty

A late night dose of righteousness from The Libertarian Republican.
Gov. Pete DuPont in the WSJ, emphasis mine:

So last week I attended two O’Donnell-Coons debates and saw a campaign that could determine which party will be in the Senate majority. Mr. Coons has been elected three times to New Castle County office; Ms. O’Donnell has not won an election, though this is her third Senate run. But she has raised more campaign money–$3.8 million to his $1.3 million in their Sept. 30 reports. He is a real liberal, and she is a real conservative. President Obama came to town for Mr. Coons on Friday, and it seems likely Sarah Palin will likely be here for Ms. O’Donnell at the end of October, just before the election.

The debates showed that public policy positions of the two candidates are real, substantive and very different. The University of Delaware debate was run by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who said when it ended that Ms. O’Donnell was the overall winner because “she didn’t come across as just a weirdo or anything like that.”

And, in closing:

“On Election Day the question is: Who will help correct the negative policies that have hurt our nation over the past few years? One of the candidates [Democrat Chris Coons] supports almost all of them; the other [Christine O’Donnell] favors policies that would make us more successful in the future. Two weeks from now we have avery important election in America’s First State that could change the direction of our country.”

The question will become whether this endorsement overrides Castle’s sour grapes.
Update: Great roundup of Christine O’Donnell quotes at Hot Air.



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