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Jimmie Bise Asks: ‘Why Should The GOP Compromise?’

Posted on | October 23, 2010 | 15 Comments

by Smitty

Jimmie Bise asks a crucial question about the GOP going wobbly.

. . .the real question, which isn’t if the GOP will compromise but why they should. Every recent poll shows that the voting public hate the progressive agenda the Democrats have foisted on us. They want Hope and Change undone and the new solutions of an ascendant GOP, which are really nothing more than the time-tested principles of conservatism, put in their place.

That may be the real question, but the answer is founded upon the will and willpower of We The People.
A twelve year old Onion article anticipates the common reaction to a new Congress, sober accounting, possibly and audit of the Federal Reserve:
Poll: 73 Percent Of Americans Unable To Believe This S**t

PRINCETON, NJ–According to the latest Gallup Poll, conducted Monday and Tuesday of this week, nearly three out of four Americans can no longer believe this s**t.

In addition to the 73 percent of poll respondents who described this s**t as “beyond belief,” 9 percent said they could “hardly” believe this s**t, with another 5 percent “just barely” believing it. An additional 13 percent said they “couldn’t give a flying f**k about the whole g*****n thing.”

The poll also found that the National S**t-Credulity Index (NSCI) has hit an all-time low, with only 2 percent of Americans describing themselves as “fully confident of [their] capacity to believe this s**t.”

“The American people have had to deal with this kind of s**t for years,” Gallup Organization president Lee Sanderson said, “but now, for the first time, it appears that the vast majority of them just can’t f*****g believe it anymore.”

Read the whole NSFW thing.
Underneath all the raw scatalogical humor though is the point that the two years of h’ors d’Obama offer a hint of how weird things are going to get. Our country is Bluto Blatarski, drunk on debt, dimly aware that the distant throbbing emanating from the brainstem is a hellish hangover harbinger.
Truly, I doubt that the 111th Congress even knows how screwed up things are. We’re just going to have to audit the Federal Reserve, and see what’s in it, to paraphrase the worst Speaker the House has ever had. We should expect the National Debt figures to be as baked as any of Mann’s anthropogenic global warming research, or whatever label he’s attached to his turd today. We simply cannot trust Congress without a thorough, peaceful, electoral purge of all of the Progressives, period.
And then we have to back up that purge with rock solid resolve. I’m paraphrasing General Mattis here, and addressing the GOP:

We come in peace. We didn’t bring artillery. But we’re pleading with you, with tears in our eyes: If you screw with us, we’ll eject you all.

The GOP needs to respect this Tea Party truth with about an order of magnitude more fervor than it feels the Progressive temptation.


15 Responses to “Jimmie Bise Asks: ‘Why Should The GOP Compromise?’”

  1. onthego
    October 23rd, 2010 @ 11:27 am

    Theofascist? You live in your own private reality.

    The one where people who have non violent rallies and encourage people to vote for those who will uphold the principles they claim to be running on are really worse than concentration camp creators.

    Yeah, you’re changing a lot of minds here./