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LIVE AT FIVE – 10.27.10

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White House All Wee-Weed Up Over McConnell 2012 Comments

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

Call the Wahhhhmbulance!

Alaska Senate Candidates Spar On Resource Development
Miller wants Feds to open lands for exploitation, others nitpick

Massive Windstorm Spreads Damage Through Midwest
Air pressure readings lower than blizzard of ’78, storm that sank the Edmund Fitzgerald in ’75

Supremes Give Go-Ahead For Arizona Execution
Imported lethal injection anesthetic OK’d


Dems Retain Spending Edge Even With Outside Spending

President Obama takes time off from busy golf schedule to vote absentee

However, most of that money’s being spent on defense, while GOP attacks across the board

9th Circuit Rules Arizona Can’t Demand Proof Of Citizenship For Voter Registration
On the other hand, proof of ID at polls upheld

With Healthy Lead And Bulging War Chest, Rick Perry Asks Supporters To Spread Pro-GOP Message In Other States

Michael Steele Takes It To The Streets In Harlem


Dollar Rises As Investors Bet On Fed Buying More Treasuries

GlaxoSmithKline Pays $750 Million To Settle Civil, Criminal Charges

Berkshire Hathaway Drops Amid Buffett Succession Questions

B&N Rolls Out New Nook With Color Screen, Web Browser, Wifi and Music Player

PayPal, Facebook Launch New Micropayment Service


Nolan Ryan Provides Model For Rangers Pitchers

Rangers team president Nolan Ryan

Ryan’s methods lead to best ERA since 1990 when he was pitching for the Rangers; also a team-record 1181 Ks

Kroichick: Rangers Overcome Legacy Of Crazy As Big As Texas

Romo Out Of Action, Cowboys Taking It One Week At A Time

Vikings’ Coach Childress Fined $35K For Ripping Refs

“The Big One” At Talladega Could Wreck Leaders


Charlie Sheen Found Drunk & Naked In Trashed Hotel Room

Charlie (not Martin) Sheen

Rep blames allergic reaction to meds, hooker says Sheen was doing coke

Coppola Quietly Shooting Next Pic With Val Kilmer

Galifianakis: Todd Phillips Is “Worst Jew In Hollywood”

“Glee” Christmas Album Due Out November 16

Cover Girl Justin Bieber Looks Beautiful For Toda Teen Star Magazine

Gene Simmons Hospitalized Briefly For Dehydration

Gangsta Rap Riffs On The President: Head Of The State (Video)


Hundreds Missing In Wake Of Tsunami Strike Off Sumatra

Tariq Aziz Sentenced To Hang By Iraqi Court

Iran Begins Fueling Bushehr Reactor

Politicians Keep Going, But Canadian Businessmen Through With Ukraine


NRO: Angle Attorney Alleges Democrat Vote-Buying, AG Apathy

Liberty Pundits: For Once, Brooks Gets It Right

Human Events: ACORN’s October Surprise

Jammie Wearing Fool: Know What Fascinates Katie Couric?

Yid With Lid: Daniel Webster Continues To Beat The Devil

The People’s Cube: The (Oval) Office – Hot Sitcom Spinoff Coming Soon!

The management would like to apologize for the lack of dick jokes, homoerotic references – oh, wait, we did a Cowboys link, never mind- and links to the current work of the Untamed She-Beast Of The Right. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.

— compiled by Wombat-socho


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