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Rick Moran: Inadvertent Adrenaline Dispenser

Posted on | October 27, 2010 | 3 Comments

by Smitty

Centralization, the collapse of all things into DC, is the chief ailment of the country, but some like Rick Moran seem oblivious to the root causes of the current crisis:

Getting the deficit under control and getting people back to work are legitimate GOP aspirations and if voted into office, members of congress can claim a broad mandate to accomplish those goals. The “return to Constitutional government” – whatever that means specifically – is also broadly accepted as part of the Republican platform, although such a nebulous goal can be interpreted a thousand different ways. Then there is the rollback of Obama’s agenda in health care, financial reform, and other Washington power grabs that enjoy the support of a plurality of voters – if that.

How much success will the Republicans have in accomplishing any of those goals? The answer is, this is an agenda bred for failure.

As long as President Obama remains in office, it is not likely that any GOP measures to cut the deficit, create jobs, repeal Obamacare, repeal FinReg, or “return” the country to someone’s idea of Constitutional government will succeed. The Republicans will not have anywhere near the numbers to overturn any Obama veto. And the idea that 20 senate Democrats and 40 House Democrats will suddenly see the light and vote to emasculate their own party’s president by refusing to uphold his vetos is not in the realm of possibility on this planet.

A compromise with the Democrats might get some of those items passed into law. But incredibly, the GOP has already signaled that there will be no compromise.

Unable to get anything passed because their numbers are too few, the GOP will refuse to deal with the president because their rabid, frothing at the mouth base of partisans equates compromise with weakness. The art of governance is lost on these mountebanks — as it was with their counterparts on the left in 2008 — because so certain are they of the moral rightness of their cause that they regard compromise as dealing with the devil (or, for the left, whatever the secular equivalent).

I’ve met Rick Moran at CPAC a couple of years ago, so I’m confident that he exists and is not a nom de gloom for Eugene Robinson: “If GOP wins, expect more obstruction.” Let us be clear on a few of points:

  • The country is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • These fundamentals cannot be compromised without endangering the fabric of the country.
  • To the extent that the Imperial Federal Government already has, Washington DC must be peacefully, forcefully opposed by anyone interested in the preservation of the country.
  • Compromise for its own sake, as Robinson would demand and Rick Moran would seem to cheerfully offer, is shameful.

Man up, Moran. Common sense analysis declares significant portions of the Obama agenda Unconstitutional.  It’s so bad, that common sense is threatening to leak into too legal system!  Let’s wait until after the election and the ObamaCare verdict before polishing the kneepads, eh, Moran?

Let the vetos pile sky high, say I: they’ll have the effect of bringing more independents to the conservative fold.

Thanks for this, though: reading your Quisling post restored some will to resist, a perhaps unintended virtue.

Is there a 10th Amendment Cult? To me, it’s an aphrodisiac jacket:


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