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Democrat Party Attack Ads In Virginia

Posted on | October 28, 2010 | 7 Comments

by Smitty

Virginia’s 11 districts are arguably most interesting around the Potomac. If power corrupts, absolute power has a magnetic effect on corrupted personalities.
Four of Virginia’s districts are on the Real Clear Politics radar. This post reviews the Democrat attack ads on offer, and also throws in my local district, because we could all use a fifth around now.
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VA 2 features Glenn Nye (D-inc) currently not looking great against Scott Rigell. What has the DCCC got against this guy? Apparently, the fact that Rigell has run a business:

This ad highlights the diabolical nature of Federal patronage programs: Rigell and VA-2’s future is rifled to bring money into the present, and he either makes the best of a bad situation, or loses entirely. In the former case, collaborating with the Imperial Fed becomes a weapon against him politically. Way to play the entrapment card, ye Demoncrats.

VA-5 has another incumbent Democrat, Tom Perriello, looking bleak against Robert Hurt. Boo hoo. And what can the Dems muster? A pun and some innuendo:

This ad is a stark contradiction of what it says on the candidate’s site:

As a member of the Virginia Legislature, Robert has cast thousands of votes including voting against at least two dozen tax increases. He has voted time and again against attempts from Democrats to raise taxes. Robert has also voted consistently against increased state spending and bloated budgets. He was one of only a handful of General Assembly members to vote against the last two Virginia Budgets, which were relying on too much spending.

A Democrat trying to hammer a Republican about voting to raise taxes is like Xaviera Hollander criticizing someone for being oversexed. This ad, while arguably more stupid than the anti-Rigell ad, is less diabolical in my opinion.

VA-9 is a toss up, as Democrat incumbent Rick Boucher sure wants to paint himself an Independent, and centrist. Kind of like a tumor that is ‘mostly’ benign.
The chief argument against Morgan Griffith is that this 16 year veteran of the Virginia House of Delegates is some kind of carpetbagger? The logic is about as comfortable as being loved by Obama, NTTAWWT, especially if you’re Michelle.

VA-11 presents a clear and present danger to my television. A postage stamp compared to the other three districts, the need to retain my former County Executive tool in his current status as a Congresstool has concentrated an awful lot of Democrat rhetorical artillery for what is surely an un-cheap barrage.
Keith Fimian, the Dems would like you to know, is bad. Real bad. He’s, you know, run a business, or something. And it was imperfect. So that’s bad.

It gets worse. He’s extreme.

His extremity is plainly spelled out on his site:

I believe we must continue to foster a culture of life for the unborn, aging and sick. Taxpayer dollars should never fund abortions.

How dare Fimian think Americans retain any say in how their tax dollars should be used, and how dare he balk at contributing to the Unborn Holocaust? Alas, no abortion victims were available for comment in the attack ad.
Worse than being bad, or having concern for life, of course, is making decisions:The fundamental notions of individual sovereignty and entrepreneurial independence, while quaint, must be sacrificed on the altar of Holy Progress in order to accommodate the managed liberty of the future. While the intellectual dishonesty of taking a businessman’s report of making hard calls out of context, in order to smear him, is indeed sad, it’s the kind of tough calls you have to make if Connolly is going to retain his status among the Ruling Class elite.

Nestled here against the Potomac is a strange, misplaced piece of Massachusetts, to hear the accent of the incumbent. There has been no advertising in support of the incumbent, precious few yard signs, and come to think of it, exactly 0 bumper stickers. Will next Tuesday be a surprise upset? Why yes; yes, it could. Go, Col. Murray! The campaign has made the news recently, when the incompetent/incumbent, Jim Moran, insulted everyone in uniform. No attack ads as such from Moran or the DCCC, but this news story subtly let’s you know whom the media would choose.I’m off to Murray campaign HQ to figure out how to help. Tying down as many resources as possible here in NOVA is a crucial service to Virginia and the rest of the country.
If nothing else, at least consider investing the time to fisk the attack ads in your state. California and Texas bloggers can carve things as they see fit. When you look at a cross section of ads, you realize that they are simply vague emotional plays. Maybe they affect elections through sheer volume. Hopefully the effort of reading blogs and going to Tea Parties has inoculated voters against such silliness. Such won’t get far with conservatives, anyway; it’s the Independents that are going to be the main area for inroads for Tuesday.
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7 Responses to “Democrat Party Attack Ads In Virginia”

  1. Walkinghome
    October 28th, 2010 @ 10:30 pm

    I changed my registration from PA to Falls Church just for this opportunity!

  2. JoyPutnam
    October 28th, 2010 @ 10:35 pm

    Check out the list of the Viriginia House Democrats who voted for Obamacare in March 2010 and THEIR OPPONENTS by going to

  3. Surroundedinreston
    October 29th, 2010 @ 2:09 pm

    Thank you SO much walkinghome, from a VA-8 resident and former yinzer. Go Murray!

  4. Surroundedinreston
    October 29th, 2010 @ 2:09 pm

    love the image – here’s hoping