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LIVE AT FIVE – 11.03.10

Posted on | November 3, 2010 | 5 Comments

House Passes To GOP Control; Seats Added In Senate

Senator-elect Marco Rubio arrives at a victory party in Coral Gables

At least 60 seats projected to turn Republican in the House; Rubio, Paul, Coats, Hoeven, Boozman projected to win Senate seats

Why Do Euro Lefties Hate The Tea Party?
I smell FEAR!

Over 100 Killed In Multiple Bomb Attacks On Baghdad Shiite Neighborhoods
Al-Qaeda continues attempts to spark sectarian war in Iraq


Manchin, Coons, Blumenthal Hold Seats For Democrats; Empire State Remains Mostly Blue

Governor Manchin campaigns with former President Clinton on Monday

Another Cuomo governor in Albany; weak GOP Senate candidates may hurt House races down-ballot

Perriello Loses Seat Despite (Because?) Obama Campaign Appearance
Boucher, Nye also gone

Snyder Scores Lopsided Win In Michigan; GOP Could Sweep Statewide Offices
Three, possibly four House seats also flip to GOP

Five More House Seats Turn Red In Florida
Widely-despised Alan Grayson goes down; Allen West to be first black Republican Congressman from Florida since Reconstruction


Home Ownership Lowest In A  Decade

IPO To Cut Government Ownership Of GM To 35%; Legacy Bonds Hit Hard

U.S. Stocks Close Higher Ahead Of Elections, Fed Meeting

Supremes Appear Split on CA Violent Video Game Ban

Electrical Glitch Delays Discovery Launch


Garnett Leads Five Celtics In Double Figures Over Pistons

Celtics prepare to whip on Pistons

Hamilton sorely missed by Detroit

Bears LB: We Don’t Need Randy Moss Here

Wall & Wizards Beat Sixers In OT

Heat Burn The Timberwolves, 129-97

Kobe Tells Coach K He’ll Play For USA In London If Needed

Retarded Sportswriter Claims He’s Not Playing Race Card, Then Plays Race Card


Miley’s Parents Splitting Up Due To Mom’s Affair With Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels and Tish Cyrus

It’s one thing to sing country songs. It’s another to have to live through them. 🙁

Demi’s Dad: Hollywood Pressure Got To Her

Britney Wants Protection From “Shakedown”

Sheen: I’m Not Into Reality TV Divorce

LeAnn Rimes Cries Over Her New (Married) BF During Interview

The New Hollywood Reporter Debuts

Jamie Chung Joins “Hangover 2” Cast

Randy, Evi Quaid Skip Court, Could Lose $500,000 Bail


Cameron, Sarkozy Hail New Defense Treaties

Indian Software Companies Seek Relief From U.S. Visa Tightening

PRC Rejects U.S. Mediation In Territorial Dispute With Japan

Afghan Offensive Pushes Taliban Into Kandahar


Jawa Report: Rushdie Says Stewart Was Okay With Having Yusuf Islam On His Rally, Even Though Islam Called For Rushdie’s Death

NRO: Remember All Those Nauseating Faux-Musical Obama Ads From 2008? So Do We.(Video)

Moe Lane: Remember, These Are Supposed To Be The SMART Voters (Video)

Althouse: When Does The Bloodbath Start?

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5 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE – 11.03.10

  1. Anonymous
    November 3rd, 2010 @ 11:09 am

    The “intelligent” conservatives began the hate for the Tea Partiers last night over at the HQ. You should host a “ten minutes hate” here, so the trolls can show their superiority.

    Sure Angle and O’Donnell were flawed. But conflating their flaws with the mess in California is anything but “intelligent.” Yet that’s what you’re gonna see a lot of this week.

    Also, look for the same crowd to begin attempts to elbow Palin aside for the always exciting Timmeh! Pawlenty. Whoa, I fell asleep a little bit just typing his name.

    On a night when Rand Paul (who was about as “poised” a candidate as Angle) crushed his opponent, while Reid and Boxer eked out wins, it’s obvious that this country is a patchwork and you can’t analyze the races like they are all horses on the same track.

    And by the way: Kudos to the axis of the Fedora for all your work in helping make this undeniable, sweeping mandate happen. When I get some money from all my commenting at low level blogs (I’m sure it will roll in soon), I plan on hitting the tip jar.

  2. Svt1999
    November 3rd, 2010 @ 12:09 pm

    I’ve fallen in love with this page (joking)…

    If anyone needs a good election site we have EXTENSIVE election coverage posted now on Common Cents.

    ps. USED the Allen West Video with a TITANIC Hat Tip to T.O.M