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Fractious, Malignant Justifications Regularly Aggravate

Posted on | November 7, 2010 | 3 Comments

by Smitty

The kvetching of some in the blogs over imperfect candidates and hypothetical victories unobtained will eventually taper off. The most dedicated whinger cannot continue grinding the axe over something that simply did not happen, even with “What a Fool Believes” on a permanent loop. Distill the lessons learned, strip out the names of the people and places, and keep them handy for the next election. Also, ensure perfect candidates in all political races.
What I’m getting at is that if there are substantial problems with candidates (support for gun control), fine: that’s why there are primaries. Anyone caught kvetching about stylistic disagreements (the candidate has a goofy laugh) ought to be punished by being forced to run in the primary themself. We’d either end up with a preferable candidate, or a better supporter of those willing to toss their life in the political meatgrinder.
To paraphrase Rumsfeld, you go to the election with the candidates you have. The ones on the Republican ticket who lost were fine; their prospective constituents chose otherwise, and no amount of water-carrying for the opposition will alter history.
Stacy was on the road, and our posts were even more heavily political than usual, so I’m going to forego grouping them. On with the show.

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  • His Track-a-‘Crat-ness, for showing up on the radar:

    Maybe I’ve just become infected with Europe’s pervasive political pessimism now that I’m back over here. There are no worthwhile conservative parties left in Europe, as people have gradually been inculcated with the Left’s insidious propaganda that all we have to do for a better life is to pay more taxes and think a little less. This holds immense appeal to millions of people who feel overwhelmed, or short-changed, by adult life, and who see their only recourse lying in bringing down those who have succeeded.

    In Europe, this has progressed beyond the point of no return. The coalition government in the UK has just capped housing benefit at £26,000 (over $41,5000) annually, and the Left is, of course, apoplectic with rage, hysterically claiming that the coalition is intent on “social cleansing.” So unlike them to give in to such ridiculous hyperbole. Some people in London have until now been able to claim £2,000 per week in housing benefits. £2,000 per week. I couldn’t afford to pay £26,000 a year in rent, let alone £2,000 per week, but people on benefits can. According to the Left, that makes perfect sense.

    It is not possible to recover from stupidity of this proportion. The US isn’t there yet but the distance between the Democrats and European Leftists has never been smaller.


3 Responses to “Fractious, Malignant Justifications Regularly Aggravate”

  1. JeffS
    November 7th, 2010 @ 12:20 pm

    Just so, Joe. Paco commented on a David Frum column pretty must complaining about that.

    Yeah, yeah, I know…….David Frum. I mention him merely as an example of an intellectual elite in the midst of a full fledged temper tantrum.