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LIVE AT FIVE – 11.07.10

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Democrats Ask Whether White House Truly Grasped Voters’ Fears

President Obama at the November 3 press briefing

Bredesen: “There doesn’t seem to be anybody in the White House who’s got any idea what it’s like to lie awake at night worried about money and worried about things slipping away.”

President Pursues Pukka Cooperation With India
Relationship is a “win-win” for both countries

Polls Open In Myanmar’s First Election In 20 Years


Did Jim DeMint Cost The GOP The Senate?

Senator Jim DeMint (Tea Party-SC)

Whiny pundits are whiny.

GOP House Leaders Aim To Choke Off Funds For Obamacare

New GOP Majority Likely To Shelve Immigration Reform In Favor Of Enforcement

Boehner: White House Seems To Be In Denial

GOP: No compromise on health care or spending

Rubio Draws A Line In The Sand


Treasury Yields Fall To New Lows On Fed Purchase News

Japan To Join U.S.- Led Free Trade Talks

Microsoft CEO Ballmer Sells $1.33 Billion In MSFT Stock

BoA, Citigroup Swap Blackberries for iPhones

Microsoft Got Kinect Because “Apple Is A Pain In The Ass”


Zenyatta Misses History By A Head

Blame (right) hangs on to beat surging Zenyatta by a head

Legendary mare comes from behind, falls just short of a win

#12 LSU Rallies Twice To End #5 Alabama’s Hope Of Defending Title

Texas Tech Upends #14 Missouri

#9 Cornhuskers Hold Off Iowa State In OT

#10 Stanford Whips #13 Arizona 42-17

Aggies Upset #8 Oklahoma For Rare Win

Rockets Fall To Spurs In OT, Remain Winless


Lily Allen Hospitalized For Septicemia

Lily Allen: back to the hospital

Infection sets in five days after miscarriage

Katy Perry: I’d Rather Tease Than Pose Nude

Spiderman Reboot: Mary Jane Out, Gwen Stacy In

(Dead) Body Found Near Playboy Mansion

Ian McKellen Thinks Gays Still Pressured To Stay In The Closet

Mike White Offered “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies”

Tiger Woods’ Porn Star Finally Admits Sex Tape Is Fake


Haiti Cholera Toll Tops 500

Pope Blasts Spain’s Anticlericalism

Volcanic Ash Concerns Cancel Flights To Jakarta

Yemeni Judge Orders Arrest of Awlaki


JammieWearingFool: Allen West To Join Congressional Black Caucus – “I’m Not Gonna Ask Permission Or Whatever”

American Power: Lawrence O’Donnell Admits He’s A Socialist,  Tries To Walk That Back, Fails Miserably

PowerLine: Sink Rips White House For Allowing Ego To Trump Pragmatism

Newsbusters: Shields – Palin Quitting As Governor Is Like Kennedy At Chappaquiddick

Protein Wisdom: More Stupidity From Gail Collins About Bears And Abortion Or Something

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