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Behind-the-Scenes Video: Fox News Colleagues Mocking Sarah Palin

Posted on | November 16, 2010 | 17 Comments

Fox News pays Sarah Palin as a contributor to their network. And apparently to be “fair and balanced,” they also pay Judith Miller and Liz Trotta to make fun of Sarah Palin:

Read the story at The American Spectator.

UPDATE: Here’s what was said:

LIZ TROTTA: “Alessandra Stanley [of the New York Times] had the best line [in her Nov. 11 review]. She said the new [Palin TLC] show was like ‘The Sound of Music’ without the Nazis, without the romance and without the music.”

JUDITH MILLER (laughing): “Oh, the Washington Post hated it, too . . . [Post TV critic Hank Steuver] said [Palin has] the kind of sound of a voice when warning you to heed the bears – it would actually scare the bears. . . . He said you just get the sense that all she’s waiting for when she’s looking at this great outdoors is to get back to her SUV for enough bars to send out her latest twitter about the beauty of the environment.”

OK, that’s what was said during the commercial break. Here’s what was said when the show came back on the air:

SCOTT: She has gotten a lot of heat for that new show. Some lefty groups, Ellis, are pushing Discovery Communications to pull the plug. How about at that for freedom of speech?
[ELLIS] HENICAN: Strategic misstep on the part of the lefty groups, as you mentioned. Let the woman talk. Believe me, the more she talks, the better off they are.
[JON] SCOTT: Interesting that some of these folks who don’t like her — I mean, she puts eyeballs in front of television sets, right?
MILLER: Yeah, and she got a network to pay her a million dollars per episode to do this. But I found the most interesting review to come from Karl Rove, who is not exactly a left wing lunatic, who said this is not going to advance her presidential prospects. This doesn’t make her look presidential. I’d listen to Karl.
TROTTA: And the numbers keep going down every time she makes appearance, her popularity numbers. You have to keep track of those. The more you see her, the less you like her. And overexposure is something the Democrats have to pray for.
SCOTT: So you think that —
TROTTA: Plus the fact that they can bank on the timidity of most men, who are so absolutely spooked by feminism that they’re afraid to criticize her.
HENICAN: Give her something on the Cartoon Network.

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