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Democrats Solicit Volunteer Activists for 2011 Campaign Training Sessions

Posted on | November 16, 2010 | 2 Comments

Democracy for America, the political action committee founded by Howard Dean after his 2004 presidential campaign, just sent this e-mail to its more than 1 million members:

Are you angry over the recent election? Good. You should be.
In 2011 we’re fighting back. We are not going to allow tea party radicals to dictate policy in Congress or the Statehouse. We are going to rebuild in all 50 states and focus on electing Democrats who will bring the bold change that our country needs.
But there are no silver bullets. No simple change of messaging or different White House strategy will be enough. We have to do the hard work of building up an army of skilled and trained organizers across the country with the goal of electing a real progressive majority.
Still angry? Good. Here’s what you can do right now.
Our National Field Organizers are working with grassroots activists like you right now to organize dozens of weekend campaign trainings in 2011. And you have the power to bring one of these great trainings to your city.
Apply to host a DFA Campaign Academy in 2011.
Since 2004, DFA has been building the progressive movement by training thousands of progressive activists and candidates every year. We’ve brought our training program to over 100 cities across the country and trained over 12,000 progressive activists.
A DFA Campaign Academy is more than just a series of interesting lectures. They are gatherings of like-minded and passionate progressives where we assess what’s worked before, learn cutting edge campaign skills and make plans for the future. We bring the best political talent in the country to your city to fire up the local progressive movement.
Want one of these trainings in your community in 2011? Then it’s time to get started now.
Apply to host a DFA Campaign Academy in 2011.
As we begin our 8th year of providing this great resource to progressive communities the demand is very high. We’re determining where in the country these trainings can have the biggest impact and we have to hear from you.
These elections were a disappointment to be sure. But I’m still here and still fighting. So is DFA and so are you. And we’re not going to be stopped because of one election.


Matt Blizek, Field Director
Democracy for America

P.S. We’re scheduling our 2011 Campaign Academies right now and if you want one in your community you need to act fast.
Forward this email on to 5 of your local progressive friends and see if they want to help bring one of these great trainings to your community.

The e-mail contains links to a “DFA Campaign Academy Application.”


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