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LIVE AT FIVE – 11.25.10

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The Hammer Falls: Tom DeLay Convicted Of Money Laundering

Tom DeLay at the Travis County Courthouse, Austin Texas

Former majority leader could get 5-99 years

Administration Counting On PRC To Rein In Norks? Experts say PRC more often part of the problem.

“Opt Out Day” Protests Fizzle; Holiday Air Travel Gets Off To Smooth Start
Worst traffic problem turns out to be on I-95 at Delaware toll plaza


CA-11 Called For McNerney, Harmer Not Conceding

Congressman Jerry McNerney, D-CA

Lead widens to almost 2500 votes

Norm Coleman Calls On Miller To Stand Down; Also Expresses Interest In RNC Chair If Steele Steps Down

Bill Owens Not Supporting Boehner For Speaker After All

McClatchy-Marist Poll Says 48% Of Registered Voters Would Vote Against Obama

Obama Touts Chrysler Success In Kokomo, But Poor Economy Weighs On Him


Crackdown On Insider Trading Picks Up Steam

Black Friday Expands To A Week Of Discounts And Extended Hours

Discovery Delayed Into December

What You Need To Know When Buying A Tablet Computer


Magic’s Van Gundy Rips Jackson For “Ignorant” Comments On Heat Coach

Erik Spoelstra looks on as his much-hyped Heat struggles

Reacted to Phil Jackson’s speculation that Spoelstra could be fired & replaced by GM Pat Riley

Celtics‘ West Breaks Wrist; Rondo Still Out

Tom Brady 50/50 For Lions Game Today

Dez Bryant One Of Few Bright Spots In A Disappointing Cowboys’ Season

Boise State’s Kustra Returns Fire At OSU’s Gee For “Little Sisters Of The Poor” Crack

Titans’ Fisher Not Impressed By Texted Apology From Young

League, NFLPA Have Talks On Extending Season To 18 Games


Kanye West Attacks Taylor Swift, Defends W At Album Launch

Kanye West (L), Taylor Swift (R)

West also none too fond of Matt Lauer. Grats, Kanye, you may already be a conservative. :V

Angelina Jolie Says Dumb Stuff About Thanksgiving

Big Surprise: Jessica Simpson Having Tofu Turkey Today, Other Vegan Abominations Also

John Travolta & Kelly Preston: It’s A Boy!

Cameron Diaz, Alex Rodriguez An Item Again

Christie Brinkley: Billy Joel Having Double Hip Replacement

NYPD Wants To Interview Denise Richards About Events Leading Up To Sheen Flipout


PRC Opposes Force In Korean Dispute, Wen Jiabao Says

NZ Prime Minister Promises Investigation Of Mine Disaster

Pope’s Remarks On Condoms Sow Confusion Among Illiterates, Catholics Who Depend on Lamestream Media

Suicide Car Bomb Kills 17 Shiite Rebels In Northern Yemen


Dennis The Peasant: Sarah Palin Ate My Hamster, Part 2

Matt Welch: “The Nation” May Want To Ask Someone What the “L” In ACLU Stands For

Jawa Report: Woman Claims She Was Singled Out For Pat-Down Because Of Her Boobs

Allahpundit: Palin Responds To Bushes’ Criticism – “No Offense, But They’re Blue-Bloods”

WSJ: The Desolate Wilderness…And The Fair Land
I’ve posted the last two WSJ links on my LiveJournal every Thanksgiving since 2004, because they say a lot about the people who started this here country and got the Thanksgiving thing going. If you haven’t seen them before, take a minute and read through them; if you have, no better time than now to remind yourself.

Hope your Thanksgiving is a happy one. See you Friday.

— compiled by Wombat-socho


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