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LIVE AT FIVE – 12.02.10

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Senate GOP: No More Bills Until Bush Tax Rates Extended

Senators McConnell, Alexander and Cornyn

All 42 Republican senators commit to blocking action until rates extended

Data Show Fed Loaned Billions To Megacorps, Foreign Banks
Specifics on who got the money not revealed until now

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Presses PRC On Korean Crisis
Admiral Mullen says call for resuming six-party talks is no solution

Amazon Boots Wikileaks From Server Cloud
Prompt action follows Lieberman’s questions


Administration Reverses Course, Bans Drilling Off Atlantic & Florida Coasts

Oil rigs sit idle off Port Fourchon, Louisiana

Decision means passing up billions in lease revenues that could have been used to help balance the budget

UK Police Know Where Wikileaks Head Is, Have Yet To Act On Interpol Alert

Former New Orleans Cop Gets Eight Years For Katrina Shootings

Polygamous Sect Leader Arraigned In Texas After Extradition From Utah


Cyber Monday Sales: $1.03 Billion

FCC Net Neutrality Plan Could Mean Higher Charges For Some Users

FTC Proposes Mandatory “Do Not Track”  Option For Web Browsers

Verizon LTE Pricing Could Trigger 4G Price War


NCAA Declines To Punish Son For Sins Of The Father

Auburn QB Cam Newton, favorite for Heisman Trophy

Cam Newton, Auburn not liable for Papa Newton’s attempt to shop son to other colleges

It’s On To Cleveland As Heat Beat Pistons
Temperature to be in 20s, reception even colder

Rangers’ Ryan, Daniels Visit Cliff Lee
Sources Say Five-Year Deal On The Table


So…Did He Hit Her One More Time, Or Didn’t He?

Star claims yes, Britney says hell no

Star Magazine claims Britney beaten by boyfriend Jason Trawick, but she calls BS on the tabloid

Alexis Neiers Busted For Parole Violation and Black Tar Heroin

“Dancing With The Stars” Not Satisfied With Just Bristol – Now They Want Todd?

Rachel Uchitel – First Class Reject

Aging “Glee” Stars Face The Axe

Heather Locklear Hospitalized With Bacterial Infection

The Quaid Conspiracy

Christy Martin: Husband Shot Me Over Lesbian Affair

AMC Quashes Rumors About “Walking Dead” Writer Purge


U.S., Pakis Join Forces To Deny Wikileaks Cable Revelations

Putin Responds To State’s Criticisms of Russia, Warns U.S. To Stay Out Of Russia’s Internal Affairs

Thousands Stranded At Airports As Snow Hits UK

Wikileaks: Cuba, Venezuela In “Axis of Mischief”


Moe Lane: “Compromise”? On Raising Taxes?

Sister Toldjah: Getting It Backwards – The Legislative Veto

Marginal Revolution: A Simple Theory Of WikiLeaks

Verum Serum: Ted Strickland’s Advice To Dems – Talk Tough

Legal Insurrection: Okay, So You Knew Reagan

American Power: Incoming Leader Of American Taliban To Install New Restroom For Women Adjacent To House Floor

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