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Rule 5 Sunday – Cancun Edition

Posted on | December 5, 2010 | 5 Comments

First out of the gate this Sunday (or first into my in-box, whatever) is Soylent Green, with a fine collection of reasons to drop by Cancun that has nothing to do with wealth redistribution and everything to do with global warmening.

Next, Left Coast Rebel presents us with the bootylicious J-Lo, the 2011 TSA pinup calendar, and the TSA Bikini Girl.

Taylor Harris offers the genteel Alice Faye.

The Mind-Numbed Robot’s circuits light up for Gemma Atkinson.

Finally, from The Camp of the Saints come these impressive packages of pulchritude:

Thanks to all for their submissions! Please remember, all Rule 5 Sunday links should go to the Rule 5, Wombat! mailbox, lest they be confused with other porn cheesecake and immured in my own stash for eternity.


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