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LIVE AT FIVE – 12.07.10

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President Plays “Let’s Make A Deal” With GOP On Tax Rates

President meets GOP halfway on tax rates, Dems enraged

Bush tax rates extended two years, unemployment benefits extended 13 months

Australian PM Waiting For Police Advice on Assange
Refuses comment on cable contents

Press Thinks Appeals Court Supports Gay Marriage
But no clear proof to support/contradict that from today’s hearing


Reserve Sailor Busted For Attempted Sale Of Classified Documents

"$3500 for classified papers? Sure, why not?"

Currently in the brig at Norfolk

Tea Party Nation Calls For Palin To Lead RNC; She Demurs

Emanuel’s Tenant Withdraws From Mayoral Race

Bloomberg Calls For Easing NY Voting Fraud Laws

CA Lawmaker Aims To Remove Cell Phones From Prisons

Chicago Board of Elections Begins Sorting Through Challenges To Emanuel’s Candidacy And Others

Bigots And Terrorists In Portland


Silver Prices Hit 30-Year High Amid Inflation Concerns

Blue Chips Close Lower As Investors Pause

Government Sells Stake In Citigroup, Clears $6 Billion Profit

Google Rolls Out Nexus S “Gingerbread Man”
Run, run, Apple! As fast as you can!

AT&T Rated Worst Cellphone Service Provider By Consumer Reports

Google Launches eBooks: A Kindle Killer?


Broncos Give McDaniels The Boot

Josh McDaniels, new addition to the 9.8% unemployment figure

Broncos 5-17 after 6-0 start in 2009

Don Meredith Dies Of Brain Hemorrhage, 72

Stoudemire Leads Knicks To Unexpected 13-9 Record With Win Over Timbermutts

Joe Bramlett Becomes First Black Since Tiger To Qualify For PGA Tour


“The Skeletons Have Already Been Let Out Of My Closet”

Angelina Jolie

Reveals the truth about Brad and her children

Kelsey Grammer Engaged To New GF

“Skating With The Stars” Contestant Rushed To Hospital

Alex Welch Still Waiting For Apology From Demi Lovato

Katy Perry Wows Troops In Jessica Rabbit Costume, Vinyl Camo

Britney, Jason Enjoy Romantic Mexican Getaway

Neil Patrick Harris To Host Spike Video Game Awards


ROK To Fortify Islands Near Disputed Sea Border With Norks

Over 90,000Venezuelans Displaced By Rains

Argentina Joins Brazil In Recognizing Palestinian State

Medvedev Pledges Improved Relations With Poland


Moe Lane: It’s All Over But The Gloating

AmSpecBlog: The Politics Of Extending The Bush Tax Cuts

L. Gordon Crovitz: Julian Assange, Information Anarchist

Don Surber: Walmart Case Could Bring Tort Reform

Megan McArdle: What Does It Look Like To Leave The Euro?

iOwnThe World: Righteous Fisking Of Crooks And Liars

— compiled by Wombat-socho


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