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LIVE AT FIVE – 12.09.10

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House Passes DREAM Act 216-198

From Left: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA)

Likely to die in Senate, where GOP has vowed not to consider any other bills before the budget is passed

Senate Ready To Begin Debate On Tax Bill
Rank and file Democrats warming to the deal

PRC To Institute Own Award As Counter To Nobel Prize
Taiwanese honoree unaware of Confucius Award until asked by press about it


House Democrats Push Through Omnibus Spending Bill

Soon-to-be-ex-House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md)

Freezes most Cabinet budgets, funds war in Afghanistan for another year, makes some cuts

Supremes Short One As Kagan Barred From Sitting On Arizona Hiring Law Challenge

Senate Convicts, Removes Federal Judge Porteous

Governor-Elect Brown Warns California Legislature To “Brace Yourselves”


Anonymous Lays Siege To Mastercard, Visa In Revenge For Wikileaks Cutoff

U.S. Lays Out AIG Exit Plan

SpaceX Launches Test Spacecraft (Video)

Irony: Open-Source Mozilla Removes Anti-Tracking Code From Firefox Even As Microsoft Adds It To IE9


How About Crawford & Greinke Instead Of Lee To The Yankees?

Royals ace Zack Greinke - would he win 20 with the Yankees?

Royals say the 2009 Cy Young winner could be had for the right price

Florida Recruits Uncertain After Urban’s Resignation

Garnett Clarifies “Cancer” Remarks To Karl

Baseball’s Free Agents Not Just For Yankees & Red Sox This Winter

Cubs Sign 1B Carlos Pena To One-Year Deal

Tribe Legend Bob Feller Moved To Hospice Care

Rays Deal SS Bartlett To Padres For A Pair Of Relievers


Sexy Christina Aguilera Pix Released By Hackers

The one photo in the set that wasn't NSFW

Still not enough to make up for DDoS attacks on CC company websites.

Family Confirms Queen Of Soul Has Cancer

Harvey Weinstein Persuades MPAA “Blue Valentine” Deserves R, Not NC-17

Oprah: “I’m Not A Lesbian”

Katy Perry Officially Becoming Mrs. Brand

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson To Do Prenup

Lindsay Lohan To Do DWTS?

Has-Been Hollywood Hack Whines About Sarah Palin’s Hunting
Also evidently can’t tell a caribou from a moose


Obama Big Loser In Failure To Halt Settlements

Mullen: Too Much At Stake For PRC Myopia On Norks

Snow Shuts Down Paris, Flooding Kills One In Spain

Preval Calls For Calm As Electoral Violence Rocks Haiti


Cubachi: Wikileaks  And Supporters Were For Freedom Of Speech Before They Were Against It

Confederate Yankee: Maureen Dowd Inexpertly Slaughters, Guts A Metaphor

Jim Geraghty: Will Deval Patrick’s 2010 Strategy Save Obama?

Joanne Jacobs: Parents “Pull Trigger” On Failing School

Daniel: Tax Compromise Gets Liquored Up

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