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International Hero of World Peace Julian Assange Is Also International Mack Daddy

Posted on | December 15, 2010 | 6 Comments

Tracy Quan resorts to anthropology to explain why the LeakyWicker inspires concupiscence among liberal women. It’s not just his vague resemblance to Sting, she says:

“Despite his most-wanted status and allegations of sexual misconduct, the WikiLeaks founder is intriguingly attractive to many women. . . . Yet [Naomi] Wolf, dwelling in a ‘boys will be boys’ way on Assange’s allegedly boorish dating style, reminds us that female appetites are as unpredictable as those of men.”

Actually, no. Female appetites are entirely predictable. Confused women with self-esteem issues predictably seek significance by associating themselves with famous men.

Note that it is not wealth or success but rather fame that does the trick. A man may have a substantial bank balance or eminence in his professional career without inspiring desperate women toward groupie behavior. The vice-president of an investment firm, a real-estate developer or a top lawyer may all make more money than the lead guitarist of a rock band, but the guitarist is famous (at least among rock music fans) and so it is the rock star who is pursued by sex-crazed groupies.

Likewise with Julian Assange. He probably isn’t rich, and his “success” is rather ambiguous (any man so enthusiastically admired by Glenn Greenwald is probably not really admirable). But Assange is famous among leftists — a rock star of anti-Americanism — and therefore is pursued by socialist groupies like Anna Ardin.

It’s kind of like how Professor Glenn Reynolds is the mack daddy of blogging. Chicks dig a guy with a big SiteMeter. IYKWIMAITYD.


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