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‘If We Go Back to Darfur, These Arabs
Will Shoot Us, They Will Kill Us’

Posted on | January 1, 2011 | 4 Comments

From an Associated Press story about the Jan. 9 referendum for South Sudanese independence:

While some Arab northerners have been selling their southern homes and businesses to move north, Darfuris say they have no plans to leave.
“If we go back to Darfur, these Arabs will shoot us, they will kill us,” Adam said. Now he works every hour he can in a sweltering restaurant in the southern town of Aweil to try to bring his wife to join him.
Darfuris say they feel closer to the south than the north because the horrors they have endured in their own region – bombing and persecution at the hands of government-backed militias – are similar to those inflicted upon southerners during the separate north-south war. Many say they also feel ethnically closer to the African southerners than the Arab-dominated government in the north.
“We are all African,” explained Musa Ali, a Darfuri man who runs a car rental and repair shop in the southern town of Aweil. “We Darfuris and southerners, we are one kind of people … In case of trouble during the referendum, I will not go back,” he said.

The AP’s Maggie Fick unfortunately leads that story with a lot of nonsensical hand-wringing over the prospect that South Sudanese independence will somehow be bad from a human-rights perspective. Ignore that crap. The problem in Sudan is so simple it can be summarized in a single word: Khartoum.

The Arab autocracy that has turned Darfur into a slaughterhouse is the same corrupt regime that fought a 20-year war to try to impose Islamic sharia law on the Christian/African south. Thank God and John Garang, the southerners fought Khartoum to a stop, negotiated a ceasefire and are now barely a week away from voting on independence.

Do not be deceived by any fear-mongering in the media. The only hope for human rights in Sudan is southern independence. If you want to help Darfur, support freedom for Southern Sudan.


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