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Calling the Democrats’ Bluff

Posted on | January 7, 2011 | 4 Comments

Armed with a rather bizarre CBO estimate — claiming to show that repealing ObamaCare would actually increase the deficit — the president is now trying to push Republicans off their game:

President Obama officially drew a line in the sand Thursday evening, threatening to veto House Republicans’ attempt to repeal Obama’s landmark healthcare law.
In a statement of administration policy released by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the administration said that repeal would “would explode the deficit, raise costs for the American people and businesses, deny an estimated 32 million people health insurance, and take us back to the days when insurers could deny, limit or drop coverage for any American.”

Of course he would veto it — if it were to pass the Senate, which it almost certainly won’t do before 2013. The whole point of having a vote in the House on repeal now is to force Democrats to vote on it. There are still a few “moderate” Democrats in the House who got re-elected after making a big deal during the campaign about their votes against ObamaCare.

Good. Now let’s see if they’ll vote to repeal it.

Boehner’s got the votes to pass the repeal, and then it will be up to Republicans in the Senate to try to maneuver the repeal bill forward to get a vote there. It’s important to get Democrats on the record either for or against repealing this godawful unconstitutional monstrosity.

ObamaCare has never been popular, and if Democrats are the party of ObamaCare, they’ll get their asses kicked again in 2012. Republicans ought not let themselves be bluffed into folding a winning hand.


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