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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Man Was Born Free, And He Is Everywhere In Chains. . .’

Posted on | January 22, 2011 | 9 Comments

by Smitty

“. . .especially where the ideas of Rousseau are linked,” to paraphrase ol’ Jean Jacques.

If Kabul was a movie, it would be Groundhog Day. I can’t lay any claim to the big picture, but I hope all the blood and treasure invested here amounts to something.

The tempermental WiFi service was OK the other day, and I bought Pawlenty’s book after its mention on Insty.
For four chapters in, the fellow seems worth more than three stars and a lump of snark from Insty.
Sure, T-Paw failed to exert himself in Sarah Palin’s defense. You can even call that ungentlemanly, in context. Yet they are also likely 2012 rivals, so it’s unclear how far he should extend himself when such effort could bite him later.
I’ve heard Pawlenty at CPAC’s past and when he came through Virginia in support of Governor McDonnell. While he may not radiate charisma like Sarah, he’s a solid politician with a record that is generally applause-worthy.
In fact, I’d venture the general lack of pizzazz is more feature than bug.
Have we had enough of ‘rock star’ politicians yet? The whole personality cult thing surrounding our current POTUS, and, dare I say it, Ronnie himself, seems more distraction than value-added.
I’m generally a fan of Sarah Palin. In the first, and only relevant place, her policy positions are spot-on. I do want to support her for common-sense conservative principles. I do want to see the country as a whole thumb its nose at the Ruling Class idiots who first  created the current mess, then have the sack to natter on about how Sarah Palin isn’t competent to serve as POTUS.
I do not want to support her out of any sense of pity. No one forced her into Fight Club. And let’s be clear: “Sarah Palin has not shown enough growth to be electable” is a non-falsifiable proposition. She will continue to enjoy the napalm shower from the Left side of the discussion probably past the end of her days. Also, the ignorant ones on the Right. Her political career will continue to be a test of the Emergency Propaganda System. It remains to be seen whether purported conservatives and independents will see through the tripe, or allow her negatives to be piled up to the point where the pragmatic will seek other candidates.
And there is the rub. The 2012 re-election of Barack Obama is predicated upon conservatives and independents remaining divided and squabbling. It’s fine to spend the rest of 2011 appearing divided and weak; Sun Tzu would applaud the operational deception. But listen. It. Does. Not. Matter. Who. Wins. The. Primary. Only that the conservative candidate receive support. Yes, even if Stacy’s cousin, Senator IFNAG RINO-Tool Deluxe decides to waste our time again, we need to remember when dissent is useful, and when it is not.
The importance of the Presidency should diminish, as the Information Age supports the realization of the Founder’s dream of a truly informed electorate.  We should require less Sarah Palin-style charisma over time, and basic competence, or that of a Tim Pawlenty, should come to the fore instead.
At any rate, check out Pawlenty’s outing. Talk it up. Give the guy some name recognition, and let’s see what he’s got to offer. Personally, I think he has all the appeal of Romney without the RomneyCare and general Blue State Bogosity.
Finally, remember: 235 years ago we liberated ourselves from England. Next year, we liberate ourselves from New England, and its Chicago transplant.


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