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LIVE AT FIVE – 2.10.11

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One And Done: Jim Webb (D-Va.) Won’t Run For Reelection in 2012

Senator Jim Webb

Life just got even harder for the Democrats’ Senate caucus; Dems’ bench in Virginia none too deep

Obama’s Mixed Messages On Mubarak
Advisors split on when and how Egyptian president should go

American Jihadi Trained In Pakistan Pleads Guilty To Terror Charges
May be sentenced to life in prison for helping recruit and train others

Giffords Speaks: Doctors Hail Progress In Recovery

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

May be recovering fast enough to attend husband’s shuttle launch in April

President Seeks Cuts In Heating Oil For Poor

Officials Warn Of Domestic Terrorism Threat

Study: Veterans More Likely To Be Homeless

HUD Halts Millions In Funding To Philadelphia Housing Authority (Video)

Deutsche Bourse, NYSE Euronext To Merge?
Republicans Grill Bernanke Over Inflation, Debt (Video)
Bipartisan Support For Scrapping Fannie, Freddie Draws Criticism
HP Presents TouchPad, Veer, Pre 3 In Direct Challenge To Apple’s IPad, IPhone
RIP Guitar Hero, 2005-2011
New “Duke Nukem Forever” Screens – Come Get Some!

It’s Official: The Cavs Are As Bad As It Gets

And the Cavaliers lose Detroit.

Losing streak of 26 matches Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ record of futility

Knicks Contain Griffin, Rest Of Clippers Still Enough To Win

#3 Longhorns Too Much For Sooners

Duke Rallies In Second Half To Edge Tarheels

Virtually No Chance For Deal Between Pujols, Cards Before Deadline

Lindsay’s Probation Revoked; $40K Bail Set In Theft Case

Lindsay Lohan goes to court over accusation of jewelry theft

“You’re no different than anyone else, so please don’t push your luck, because I’m telling you, things will be different,” Judge Schwartz warned.

Ashlee Simpson Files For Divorce

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Seek Couples Therapy

Charlie Sheen: “I’ll Pay The Crew”

Jennifer Aniston Swears “I Am Happy!”

Katie Holmes Studied $cientology In Bus Built With Slave Labor

Will Shane Black Direct “Iron Man 3”?

Brad “Warbucks” Pitt? Willow Smith Wants Star For “Annie”

Egyptian Strikers Add To Pressure On Mubarak
Teenage Suicide Bomber Hits Pakistani Army Recruiting Center
Korean Talks End Without Agreement

Berlusconi Battles Burgeoning Sex Scandal
Taiwan Detains General Suspected Of Spying For PRC

Peter Wehner: The Obama Undertow And The 2012 Elections
Flopping Aces: Dems Trying To Get Thomas To Recuse Himself From Obamacare Case
Marybeth Hicks: Barbarism The New National Norm?
Allahpundit: You Know, Maybe Santorum Wasn’t Ripping Palin
Jihad Watch: 100 UC Irvine Faculty Call For Dismissal Of Charges Against Muslim Students Who Organized Disruption Of Ambassador’s Speech
JammieWearingFool: Dumbest Woman In Congress Upset By Pepsi Commercial
Megan McArdle: In Praise Of Cheap Food
Matt Welch: Arianna Huffington, Slavemaster?

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