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LIVE AT FIVE – 03.02.11

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House Passes Spending Bill, Avoiding Shutdown

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid agrees to pass the House bill

Stopgap spending bill passes 355-91, includes $4 billion in spending cuts

Gaddafi Defiant As West Flexes Military Muscle
USS Kearsarge and Ponce redeploy to the Med; US, NATO discussing no-fly zone

Khadafy Musters Show Of Strength In Tripoli
UN Suspends Libya From Human Rights Council
Crisis in Libya Accelerates Tunisian Problems

Wisconsin Governor Proposes Austerity Measures To Balance Budgets

Governor Scott Walker, R-Wisc.

Proposed budget includes $1 billion in cuts to public schools, University of Wisconsin, local government aid

Chicago Police Superintendent Weis Quits; Former Top Cop Hillard To Be Interim Replacement

Guru’s Trial Over Sweat Lodge Deaths Begins

Western Governors Fume Over President’s Plan For Wilderness Areas

Bipartisan Embrace Of New GAO Report On Waste, Duplication In Federal Government

US Stocks Close Lower As Oil Fears Persist
Bernanke: Fed Would Act If Oil Ignites Inflation
Asian Stocks Fall As Oil Surges On Continuing Mideast Crisis; Silver Hits 31-year High
Budget Airlines Force Big Rivals To Scale Back Fare Increases
IPad Already Obsolete: 10 Technologies That Render It Outdated
World’s First Eye-Controlled Laptop Arrives

Magic Still A Factor Despite Shifts In The East

Jameer Nelson dominates the 4th quarter against the Knicks

Nelson leads Orlando to victory over reinforced Knicks, 110-106

Judge Rules NFL Owners Can’t Use TV Cash In Work Stoppage

Timbermutts Salute Strib Writer/Lakers Fixture Sid Hartman

BoSox Owner John Henry Reveals 2009 Half-Million Dollar Fine For Criticizing MLB’s Revenue Sharing Plan

Brigham Young’s Davies Dismissed From Team For Honor Code Violation

Barry Bonds’ Trainer Still Won’t Testify, May Return To Prison

Oscar Co-Hosts Grew To Loathe Each Other

Ann Hathaway & James Franco

“She had to provide all the energy — he was just phoning it in.”

Franco Stoned During Oscars?

Stars Dis Oscar Hosts, But Only Off The Record

Robert Pattinson: The Vanity Fair Interview

Les Moonves Breaks His Silence On Charlie Sheen

Christina Aguilera & BF Busted

Melissa Gilbert, Bruce Boxleitner Split Up

Katie Holmes Sues Star Magazine Publishers For $50 Million

Lindsay Lohan – Surveillance Tape Backs Her Story

Libyan Rebels March West
South Yemen Politician Seeks Referendum On Secession
Iranian Protesters Clash With Police
German Defense Minister Resigns In Plagiarism Scandal
ROK Activists To Continue Leafleting Norks
Irish Election Results Biggest Shakeup Since Civil War; Fianna Fail Crushed, Finishes Third Behind Fine Gael, Labor

David Weigel: Huckabee Is Not A Birther
Michelle Malkin: Unhinged Crowd Corners Wisconsin Republican Senator (Videos)
NRO: Bernanke – Budget Cuts Won’t Harm Growth
Sister Toldjah: Holder Dodges, Fumes, Talks About “My People” In Committee Hearing
Legal Insurrection: PPP Using Skewed Samples In “Do Over” Poll
Protein Wisdom: “A Union Education”
Jawa Report: Assange – Da Joooos Sent Fembots And Reporters To Smear My Name
Newsbusters: Pro-Union Thugs Assault FNC’s Mike Tobin
Lonely Conservative: Reich To Rich – Redistribute Wealth Or Face Angry Mobs
Maggie’s Notebook: AWOL Wisconsin Dems Unhappy; One Broke, One Pregnant – Dissension In The Ranks Ahead?
Joanne Jacobs: Spend Smarter On Teachers

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