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Cubachi Assesses Sarah Palin’s Trip To Israel As A ‘Run’ Indication

Posted on | March 17, 2011 | 16 Comments

by Smitty

So what do I make of this visit? It’s a sign that she is running for 2012, and that she wants to reaffirm her commitment to Israel. It’s nice to see that we have some political leaders that recognize the importance of Israel. A very nice contrast to the current Commander-in-Chief.

My points are:

  • She’s not not thinking about a run.
  • The Lefty head ‘splosions are already at critical mass. Very critical. Yet so very, very entertaining.
  • I hope any final announcement pertaining to 2012 comes at the last possible moment. Suspense is its own pleasure.
  • Getting a President with some principles is the crucial thing about 2012. Whether that principled public servant is Sarah or not is simply less important.
  • As noted elsewhere, I’m arriving at the suspicion that the ‘bad cop’ negative feedback from the Pundit Priesthood (Will, Krauthammer, Brooks, &c) is as much a reverse psychology play as anything.
  • Her ongoing non-commitment to campaign orthodoxy is curious. I’ve bought both her books, but hope that she really throws down the gauntlet in the form of a comprehensive, well-founded plan to cure the Progressive disease and restore fiscal sanity. Rep. Paul Ryan, the legislative equivalent of John the Baptist, has a fine (and unique) going-in position.


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