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LIVE AT FIVE – 03.22.11

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President Faces Growing Criticism Over Libya

Desert in flames, missiles headed for Tripoli; film at 11

Rare bipartisan agreement that Obama screwed up
Time Magazine Accuses Obama Of Exaggerating Atrocities To Justify War In Libya

Concern About Mission Creep Grows As More Bombs Fall On Libya
Qaddafi’s Son Khamis Killed In Palace Air Strike

Hopes Rise As Power Restored At Fukushima Plant (Video)
Facts whisper, fears scream during crisis
Work resumes at Fukushima after smoke scare

A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS: Tim Pawlenty Is First Major Candidate To Declare For 2012

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

Joins Herman Cain, Gov. Buddy Roemer in the race for the GOP nomination

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) Reports “Oversight”, Failure To Pay Almost $300K In Airplane Taxes

GOP Contenders Split On Defense Spending

Panicky California Legislators Attempt To Block Reactor License Renewals

Alabama Lawmakers Consider Arizona-Style Immigration Law

Senator Manchin (D-WV) Breaks With Party And President, Rejects Debt Ceiling Increase Without Spending Cuts

Stephenson Returns AT&T To Ranks Of Big Spenders With Purchase Of T-Mobile For $39 Billion
Whither Sprint If AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Approved?
Japan Bonds Fall As Yen Intervention Props Up Stocks
Shell Deep-Water Drilling Plan Approved, But Legal Challenges Likely
US Home Prices Hit Nine-Year Low
Chase Ends Debit Card Reward Program
Google Accuses PRC Of Interference With GMail
Microsoft Sues B&N Over Nook E-Reader, Claims Patent Infringement By Android Device

#11 Lady Bulldogs Bring Down #3 Bruins, 89-75

Gonzaga's Courtney Vandersloot drives to the basket

Vandersloot becomes first player in NCAA history to score 2000 points, hand out 1000 assists; UCLA kicked in second round for second straight year

Tennessee Fires Coach Pearl

Barry Bonds Perjury Trial To Begin Before Jury Of Eight Women, Four Men

Swagger Back In Richmond After Rams & Spiders Deliver NCAA Victories

NFL Asks Judge To Wait For NLRB Before Deciding On Lockout

Knicks Fade At End As Celtics Charge To Victory

ACC Stronger Than Expected With Three Teams In Sweet 16

Nothing Harsh About Cooke’s Suspension

CBS Wants Charlie Sheen Back To Work – Now

Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer in action

CBS’ Moonves putting the arm on Warner Brothers to get “Two and a Half Men” back in production

The Way: Interview With Martin Sheen & Emilio Estevez

Sammy Hagar Admits Alien Abduction

Kate Walsh: I Feel Like A Loser For Not Having Kids

Bam Margera KO’d In Bloody Texas Hotel Fight

Paris/Bruno DA Allegedly A Cokehead

ABC Ready To Trim Soap Lineup: Will “All My Children” Get Cut?

Kiefer Sutherland Announces Release Date For “24” Movie

“Road Of Death” Links Benghazi, Tripoli (Video)
Arab League Chief Slams Air Strikes Despite Backing No-Fly Zone (Video)
Yemeni Ambassador To UK Calls On President Saleh To Resign (Video)
Putin And Medvedev Spar Over Libya
Syria Protests Spread, Authorities Pull Back
IDF Hits Gaza After Palestinian Rocket & Mortar Barrage

Daily Caller: Webb Critical Of President’s Libyan Intervention
Joanne Jacobs: 38% Flunk Citizenship Questions
Lonely Conservative: Israelis Don’t Know Much About Sarah Palin, But They Do Know She Loves Israel
Legal Insurrection: “Why Are You Apologizing All The Time?”
Doug Powers: Wanted – Buyer For Claire McCaskill’s Airplane
Power Line: Soak The Rich? They’re Already Soaked
Bryan Preston: Army Apologizes For “Kill Team” Photos, Braces For Backlash
Cubachi: Governor Walker Was Right – Majority Of Emails Supported Him
NRO Media Blog: NY Mag – NYC Bike Lanes Are Like 9/11
Jawa Report: McGill University Ignores Islamist Student’s Threats
Moe Lane: Where’s The Antiwar Movement?
Protein Wisdom: Juan Williams Takes Gloves Off – “Defund NPR Now”
AP: Harp Seals Give Up Clubbing In Canada, Now Chillax In American Waters

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