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Good Tactically, But What Of Strategy?

Posted on | March 28, 2011 | 13 Comments

by Smitty (via Insty)

So the GOP is serving up paper cuts on the deficit dragon, and some think that’s OK, for example Fred Barnes in the WSJ:

There’s every reason to believe the incremental strategy would continue to succeed. Democrats are flummoxed by it. They’d like to block more cuts, but they’ve been unable to explain why spending reductions of a few billion dollars at a clip are unacceptable. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tried, only to embarrass himself by saying Nevada’s cowboy poetry festival might be jeopardized. Mr. Obama has prudently declined to wade in.

There is good news in keeping a finger pointing to one of the major albatrosses about the Presidential neck. What’s unnerving, though, is the lack of a major counter-proposal to the overall big, fat, bloated albatross nest that is Washington DC.
Leadership has to point to an albatross eradication program to eliminate these birds in a systematic way.
The Left is quite justified in thinking the GOP is merely stoking anti-albatross emotions, plucking that chicken-like bird for party gain, if you will, if the GOP leadership doesn’t demand significant, no-kidding changes. GOP weenies, stand by for a rough primary if you don’t get real busy, real soon.


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