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LIVE AT FIVE – 03.29.11

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President Claims US Has “Strategic Interest” In Stopping Qaddafi

President Obama addresses the nation from the National Defense University

Apparently “interest” doesn’t extend to actually getting rid of Khadafy

Obama: Libya Is No Iraq (Video)

US Military: Not Working With Libyan Rebels (Video)

Gaddafi’s Gloss On Misurata

Workers Suffer Under Harsh Conditions In Fukushima Stabilization Effort
Limited food, no running water, and high radiation levels for the 400 workers attempting to effect repairs

Donald Trump: Genuine Birther Or Publicity Hound?

Donald Trump addressing CPAC in February

Maybe he’s just furthering his personal brand.

Supremes Skeptical Of Arizona Campaign Finance Law

Former Press Secretary Gibbs To Join Facebook Staff?

Indiana Fleebaggers Return To Work

Mitt Romney Donates $25K To Jersey GOP

President Won’t Sign Executive Order To Halt Deportation Of Illegal Immigrant Students

White House Unveils Environmentally Friendly Easter Eggs

Old AT&T Stifled Innovation, New AT&T May Do The Same
EBay To Buy GSI Commerce For $2.4 Billion
Gold Declines For Third Straight Session On Improving US Economy
NY Crude Falls For Fourth Day On Libya Outlook
MIT Researchers Create First Practical “Artificial Leaf”
Google Teams Up With Mastercard And Citigroup On Mobile Payment Scheme
Amazon Flirts With iOS Developers

Ex-mistress Testifies At Bonds Perjury Trial

Barry Bonds at his perjury trial

Jilted, vengeful ex-girlfriend or reliable witness?

It’s a “Why Not Us?” Final Four

Jimmer Fredette Leads AP All-American Team (Video)

NFL Players Won’t Hold Alternative Draft Event

Anthony’s 39 Points Give Knicks OT Win Over Magic To Snap Six-Game Skid

Bochy: Wilson Less Than 50/50 For Opener

“Black Swan” Director Debunks Body Double Controversy

Darren Aronofsky and Natalie Portman

Aronofsky says Sarah Lane is wrong about Portman’s dance time

Rihanna Makes The Cover Of Rolling Stone

“Barefoot Contessa” Agrees To See Make-A-Wish Kid

Katy Perry’s Boobs Traumatize Her Mom

Surprisingly Normal-Looking Lady Gaga Spotted Shopping At Surprisingly Normal Store

Italians To “Jersey Shore” Cast: Yankees, Go Home

Jennifer Garner To Star Is Disney’s Reboot Of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple Mysteries

Factory Explosion Follows Yemeni Forces’ Withdrawal
How Germany’s Greens Rose From Radical Fringe To Ruling Power
Mubarak Placed Under House Arrest
United Arab Emirates: World’s Tallest Skyscraper Scaled
Japan Tsunami Toll Tops Ten Thousand
India’s Tiger Population Rises Past 1700

Althouse: Did You Notice Obama Kept Using “Hope” And “Change” In His Libya Address?
The Blaze: US Plan To End Libya Conflict – Ask Nicely
Hit & Run: Obama On Libya – Oh Well, Whatever, Never Mind
Allahpundit: Dems Offer $20 Billion More In Cuts For The Rest Of The Year
Mudville Gazette: Casting Call
Nice Deb: Black Educator Catches Bill Ayers Lying About Charter Schools
Babalu: And Then What Will Those French “Youths” Burn In Paris?
Protein Wisdom: In Which I Respond To the Sophisticates, Both Left And Right, In Re Ayers…
Jawa Report: Pakistan – 2 Muslims Killed, Mosques Burned, Extremists Respond To Bible Burning
National Review: Wisconsin Fight Goes To Court
Brian Doherty: Koch Kookery, Kon And Pro – A Roundup

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