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LIVE AT FIVE – 03.30.11

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Jerry Brown Declares California Budget Talks Dead

Governor Brown calls an end to bipartisan budget talks

GOP refuses to cut a deal to raise taxes

Walmart Sex Bias Case Divides Supremes
Justices dubious about statistical claims, “corporate culture” allegations by plaintiffs

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis
French, US reactor experts flown in to help resolve Fukushima situation

County Judge Tells Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Law Isn’t In Effect

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi

State attorneys maintain Sumi has no authority to enjoin the Legislature and her TRO is meaningless

Revised Collective Bargaining Bill Advances In Ohio

Alaska’s Clash With Feds Over Resources And Rights Heats Up

DC School Reform Efforts Under Suspicion After Allegations Of Inflated Test Scores

Exonerated Inmate Won’t Get $14 Million

Senate Delays Vote On 1099 Requirement Repeal

Home Prices Falling In Most Major US Cities (Video)
House GOP Introduces Bills To Quickly Wind Down Fannie And Freddie
Parts Shortages Spread To US Plants Of Japanese Automakers
Amazon Cloud Drive: A Solution In Search Of A Problem?
The 3DS, The IPad, And The Future Of Gaming
Apple’s “App Store Trademark”: A Farce Of Jobsian Proportions

Cavs Pull Off Stunning Upset, Beat The Heat

Cavs guard Anthony Parker shoots over Dwayne Wade

Sweet revenge for Cavaliers, who come back from blowing an early 23-point lead

Trio Of Former Players Point To Bonds’ Trainer

BCS Task Force To Decide Fiesta Bowl’s Future

Rockets Cruise Past Lowly Nyets 112-87

Anaheim Approves $75 Million Relocation Package For Sacramento Kings

AMC Greenlights Fifth Season Of “Mad Men”

More Christina Hendricks = better!

Slated to open March 2012

Kevin Federline Spawns Again

Christina Aguilera Raunchy Pix For Sale

Rob Lowe On His Early Years As An Actor

Warner Chief Sets Sights On “Justice League” Movie

Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Charged In Rehab Fight

Mila Kunis Blasts “Black Swan” Controversy

George Clooney May Be Called As Witness In Berlusconi Prostitution Trial

UK’s Hague Hints At Gaddafi Exile Possibility
Syrian Cabinet Resigns, But Will That Satisfy Protesters?
India, Pakistan Leaders Pad Up For Cricket Diplomacy
Ivory Coast Rebels Continue Advance, Closing In On Abidjan And Cocoa Port
Le Carre Snub Disappoints Booker Prize Judges
UK Rejects EU Call For Car-Free Center Cities By 2050
Carter To Meet With Dissidents During Cuban Visit

Legal Insurrection: Schumer Passes On Anti-Tea Party Talking Points
Marco Rubio: Why I Won’t Vote To Raise The Debt Limit
Michael Yon: Calling Bullshit On Rolling Stone
Allahpundit: Michael Barone – Has The Tea Party Given Up In Wisconsin?
AmSpecBlog: Howard Dean Says Dems Should Be “Quietly Rooting” For A Shutdown
Jammie Wearing Fool: Shocker – DOJ Whitewashes Black Panther Case
The Sundries Shack: The Administration’s New Cash For Clunkers Program Will Be Fine If We Never Do The Math
Thomas Sowell: Voting With Their Feet

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