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Cleanup Crew To Lindsay Graham’s Office. Or: With Senators Like That, Who Needs The Constitution?

Posted on | April 4, 2011 | 18 Comments

by Smitty (via IowaHawk on Twitter)

Blogprof has the clip:
Mark Steyn is truly the human chainsaw of sarcasm, but his wrecking of Lindsay Graham is a wonder:

I have no expectations of Harry Reid or the New York Times, but I have nothing but total contempt for the wretched buffoon Graham.

A mob of deranged ululating blood-lusting head-hackers slaughter Norwegian female aid-workers and Nepalese guards — and we’re the ones with the problem?

I agree with the Instaprof: Lindsey Graham is unfit for office. The good news is there’s no need for the excitable lads of Mazar e-Sharif to chop his head off because he’s already walking around with nothing up there. And, as for his halfwitted analogy with World War II, he’s too ignorant to realize it but he’s singing the dhimmi remake of an ancient Noel Coward satire.

Yeah, Lindsey earned it.
I mean, really, Lindsey. You served in the Air Force, defending the First Amendment against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Possibly you could refresh your recollection, sir.
This blog is on record as being against Qur’an burning on grounds that it’s tasteless and not something Jesus of Nazareth is likely to have done, temporal issues notwithstanding. However, when it comes to idiocy like flag burning, or even Stolen Valor, giving more power to the beltway goober squad ain’t the answer.


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