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One Does Hope This Is Pure Bluff

Posted on | April 7, 2011 | 8 Comments

by Smitty

CNS News reports “Soldiers Won’t Get Paid Under Government Shutdown, Medicare Payments Would Continue, Obama Administration Determines”

Soldiers will continue to earn money but not be paid during a government shutdown, a senior Obama administration official said. 

“Military will continue to work as I described earlier,” the official said. “They will continue to earn money during this period of time. Given that we do not have any money to pay out, they will not be paid. They will not receive their paychecks until we have money again and Congress appropriates.”

Now, this is no personal threat to servicing the mortgage. However, I fear for the junior lads and lasses who haven’t glommed onto the fact that living from paycheck to paycheck, or loan to loan in the government case, is the height of stupid.
As the political situation bottoms out, this could be a long-term win, though.

  • Threatening the foundation of the military-industrial complex could lead to some much-needed soul-searching about the US National Security Strategy. By this I mean the ‘If not neo-Con, then what?’ question. If we deem the PAX AMERICANA is too dear for the wallet, then what will we do instead?
  • Messing with the troops, especially ones forward deployed, is not going to help anyone’s popularity, Legislative or Executive. This will help loosen some of the deadwood that needs removal.

While I don’t care for poker, I do play some chess, with the subtlety of a freight train. You want to bluff? I’ll trade material all day long. Bring it.

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