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To the Reader Who Bought the Foodsaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer from Amazon

Posted on | April 9, 2011 | 5 Comments

About a week ago, somebody clicked on one of the several Amazon links on our blog and ended up purchasing the Foodsaver V2244 Advanced Design Vacuum Sealer ($79.50) plus several packages of Foodsaver bags ($24.45 and $9.97). The result of your purchase through my Amazon Associates links was a $4.56 commission for me. Thanks!

Instapundit sometimes feels the need to explain to his readers how the Amazon Associates program works, so perhaps I should also explain.

You click one of the Amazon links on this blog — whether the display advertises books, groceries, electronics, whatever — and regardless of how you surf around within Amazon’s massive online shopping selection from there, anything you purchase from Amazon during that particular trip will result in a small commission to me.

It’s pretty interesting to check these sales reports online because, although as a rule I only use Amazon links for book titles — Thucydides’ History of the Pelopponesian War, a timeless classic, only $10.28! — people buy all kinds of stuff there. Earlier this year, for example, some photography buff among our readership bought a Sekonic L-358 Light Meter for $309 and thereby earned me a shweeeet $12.36 commission. The reader who paid $69.95 for a pair of Shimano Men’s Mountain Bike Shoes? That was $2.80 in my pocket.

So even though I don’t think of the blog primarily as a vendor of photography equipment and sports shoes, nevertheless Amazon Associates permits me to earn cash that way. And since I am proud to call myself a Shameless Capitalist Blogger, earning cash with little effort on my part is super-cool. However, since I’m now actually expending a little effort to explain all this, let me highlight a few goodies:

  • Cuisinart Grind and Brew Thermal 10-Cup Coffee Maker — A few years ago, I got my wife one of these for Christmas, and it’s the best doggone coffee maker on the planet. You add the beans, it grinds ’em up and then brews the coffee — automatically! The coolest thing is the timer feature: You put in the beans and water the night before, set the timer and then in the morning you wake up to the sound of the whirrrr as it’s grinding those beans. About 10 minutes later, you get up to find that delicious coffee from fresh-ground beans waiting for you to pour your first cup. Oh, yeah: The stainless-steel thermal carafe will keep the coffee warm for hours. Only $115.
  • Kobe Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Filets — How awesome is the Internet, huh? You can order eight 8-ounce super-premium steaks, and get free two-day shipping, for only $449! Imagine the look on your friends’ faces at your next backyard barbecue when you tell them they’re about to eat a $56 steak. (Hey, I’m just a poor blogger, so I can only imagine it, but maybe some of our upscale readers are into that high-status gourmet beef thing.)
  • The Hanky Panky Low Rise Signature Thong Panty — Maybe you ladies want to surprise your guy by wearing something kind of slinky, or you guys want to buy something sexy for the missus. Amazon Associates doesn’t judge you. They just want you to buy this deluxe lingerie item for $18.

Amazon offers great prices, huge selection and “Super Saver” shipping deals. Like I said, click the links, order whatever you like, and the commission helps support your favorite Shameless Capitalist Blogger.

Coffee, beef and booty? These are just random suggestions, people, and not intended to imply any thematic connection. But I guess the combination would make for an excellent weekend, huh?


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