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Rule 5 Sunday

Posted on | April 17, 2011 | 13 Comments

Actually on a Sunday this week!

The POH Diaries lead off this week with a nude shot of Kaley Cuoco from this month’s Allure, and close things out as well with some very nice pix of January Jones.

Soylent Green offers cream in our coffee (I think he has that backwards) and follows it with some NSFW corset fillers and broken French.

Randy’s Roundtable makes its debut with Jennifer Walcott, as does Reaganite Republican with this none-too-subtle pitch for Donald Trump. Postaldog also joins the Rule 5 Rookie squad, with some vintage Tara Reid.

Just in time for the end of tax season, Joe Kristan offers Rule 5-related tax advice, at least if you live in Iowa.

Fishersville Mike notes the Capitals’ advance into the Stanley Cup playoffs with hopes that the Red Rockets get to spend more time at the Verizon Center this spring. Eye of Polyphemus, on the other hand, prefers Kate Upton in a warmer environment and fewer clothes. The RioNorte Line takes a look at the costumed heroines of the recent comic book movies (not in their costumes), while A View From The Beach looks at the girls of Silvio Berlusconi. On a closely related topic, Maggie’s Notebook is asking voters to pick their favorite conservative woman with beauty and brains out of the 26 she offers. Kinda wish S.E. Cupp had left her glasses on, myself. Three Beers Later, on the other hand, offers us another Juliana Moreira video, NTTAWWT. Rio Norte Line’s jet lag produces not monsters but Rule 5 goodness as he produces another thematic masterpiece of linkagery, The Women Of Culinary Delight. With healthy helpings of Rachael Ray and Padma Lakshmi, this is guaranteed to satisfy your daily requirement for Rule 5 all by itself!

The Camp of the Saints talks about inflation, using Leanne Crow as a visual aid, then moves on to Playmate Chris Koren, some vintage Carroll Baker, an enlarged (sic) follow-up to a post at Reaganite Republican, and finally some Tax Day Rule 5.

This week the DaleyGator gets to close out the post with some excellent slideshows featuring Louise Glover, Ursula Mayes, Rihanna, Kristine Enrile, Kaylani Lei, and an excellent midweek collection of random DaleyBabes.

Thanks to all for their links; to be included in the next Rule 5 roundup, send yours to Rule 5 Wombat. Good night, Kimberly Patton, wherever you are.


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